Financial Support

Financial aid for CEGE graduate students is available in the form of fellowships, teaching assistant (TA), and research assistant (RA) positions for both domestic and international students. A 50% appointment (i.e., 20 hours per week) includes a stipend (standard $25.47/hr), full tuition, and health insurance.

Although competition is keen, nearly all of our full-time graduate students receive financial aid through the department. Please note that students in the Master of Science Plan C or Master of Engineering programs are not typically awarded financial aid.

Unless the applicant has specified in the application that he or she will have external funding, the admissions committee assumes that each applicant is in need of financial assistance and will automatically be considered for all available TA, RA and fellowship positions. See How to Apply for application deadlines and instructions.


Fellowships are awarded to the best applicants in each applicant pool. Award decisions are made by the Graduate Studies Committee. The department typically awards about 15 fellowships per year from endowment funds and university fellowship dollars.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants support instructors in a variety of course-related activities, such as setting up and supervising laboratory sections, grading homework assignments, and grading exams. University of Minnesota policy requires all non-native English speakers to earn a passing score on the SETTA test before they can be appointed as teaching assistants.

Research Assistantships

Research assistants are supported by grants that have been awarded to faculty members by industry or government agencies for specific research projects. These appointments are arranged between the graduate advisor and the student. The research done for the project can be (and generally is) used to satisfy thesis or dissertation requirements.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Interested students should apply directly to these programs.