Safe & Adaptive Transportation Systems

Discoveries and Impact

  • Traffic detection systems applied worldwide 
  • Constructed new models of route choices by transit riders
  • Improved safety and mobility of modern urban roundabouts
  • Identified conditions that support the external validity of safety-related knowledge
  • Optimized control of autonomous vehicles at non-signalized intersections
  • Quantified uncertainty in crash reconstruction using Bayesian inference methods
  • Modeled driving behavior and its connection with safety and efficiency

Our Research

  • Developed novel models to predict traffic flow and congestion for autonomous vehicles
  • Understanding and characterizing the emergent properties of traffic flow
  • Using data to better understand how people navigate transportation systems
  • Understanding the connection between traffic control tools and practices and driving behavior
  • Developing performance measures describing the level of service the transportation system provides to all users
  • Inventing new tools to help practitioners plan and operate the transportation system
  • Modeling traffic flow and transportation network behaviors of autonomous vehicles
  • Optimizing autonomous vehicle transportation systems
  • Optimizing traffic signal timing analytically
  • Assessing causal inference and impact assessment in traffic safety
  • Identifying mechanisms that explain the workings of safety-related improvements
  • Applying advanced statistical methods to solve transportation problems