Chairs & Professorships

James L. Record Professorship

Recipients: Stefano GonellaRaymond M. Hozalski, and Jia-liang Le

Joseph T. and Rose S. Ling Professorship in Environmental Engineering

Chairholder: Paige Novak

Created by CSE alumna Rose Ling in memory of her husband, CEGE alumnus Joseph Ling, this chair supports exceptional faculty in the field of environmental engineering.

Joseph T. and Rose S. Ling Professorship in Civil Engineering

Recipient: William Arnold

Established by CSE alumni Joseph and Rose Ling, this professorship supports, encourages, and retains outstanding environmental engineering faculty.

J. S. Braun/Braun Intertec Professorship in Science and Technology

Founded by Jack Braun and Braun Intertec Corporation to support bringing outstanding scholars from other universities to CEGE as visiting professors to address issues related to environmental, geotechnical, construction materials, and pavement engineering, as well as hydrogeology, chemistry, and industrial hygiene techniques. 

Recent visitors: Francesco Canestrari (spring 2024), Michael Marsolek (August–December 2023), Patrick Ray (2023)

MSES/Miles Kersten Chair

Chairholder: Mihai Marasteanu

Created by Minnesota Surveyors and Engineers Society (MSES), friends, and colleagues in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Miles Kersten, this chair supports faculty exploring innovations in roadway design and technology.

MTS Professorship in Civil and Mineral Engineering

Created by MTS Systems Corp. to support visiting faculty and experts to inspire new ideas and methods to be applied to the challenges and opportunities in construction, mining, and other geotechniques.

2023-2024 visitors: Zdenek Bazant, Haiying Huang, Bruno Lombard, Alexander Movchan, John Napier, Andre Novotn, Panos Papanastasiou, Francois Renard, John Rudnicki, Zhiqiao Wang, Nathan van de Wouw

Richard P. Braun/CTS Chair in Transportation Engineering

Chairholder: Gary Davis

Established in honor of CTS founder Dick Braun by the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) and the CEGE Department, this faculty chair is intended to enhance UMN’s leadership in transportation engineering. 

Shimizu Professorship

Chairholder: Bojan B. Guzina

Created by Shimizu Construction Company, this professorship supports faculty leadership in the area of underground space.

Theodore W. Bennett Chair in Mining Engineering and Rock Mechanics

Chairholder: Emmanuel Detournay

Established by the family of Theodore W. Bennett, this chair is awarded to an exceptional faculty member in the area of rock mechanics or mining engineering.