Next-Generation Materials

Discoveries and impact

  • Elevated understanding the scale effect in fracture and failure of quasibrittle materials
  • Development of new analytical and semi-analytical techniques for materials with thin and ultrathin coatings and interfaces 
  • Development of new homogenization schemes for composite materials 
  • Design denser and more durable asphalt materials
  • Non-iterative approaches to waveform tomography of catering for high-fidelity diagnosis of materials, structures, and tissues

Our Research

  • Modeling probabilistic failure of engineered systems
  • Understanding the role played by thin coating layers and two-dimensional reinforcements on local fields and overall properties of emerging generation of composite materials
  • Developing laboratory testing methods for pavement forensic analyses
  • Understanding the compaction process of asphalt mixtures using experimental and numerical methods
  • Developing innovative materials, technologies, and asset management tools for pavement applications
  • Pursuing continuum mechanics explanations of fundamental physical phenomena underpinning wave control by metamaterials