Travel Grants

The Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering travel grant will provide up to $500 to present at conferences relating to your graduate work.

All requests are approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. Master level students can receive up to ONE travel grant and Doctoral level students can receive up to TWO travel grants during the course of their degree program.


  • The presentation must have been accepted by the conference when the application is submitted.
  • Travel grants MUST be turned in before the travel takes place.
  • You must be a current graduate student taking credits during the time of your travel.
  • You can't be registered for GRAD 999 and get a travel award.
  • Travel grants will be awarded in the fall or spring only.

Award Details

  • The travel grant will be applied to your student account ONLY.
  • All travel expenses must be paid up front by you.
  • The award must be used for the conference on your application. It can't be transferred to attend another conference. The grant will become invalid and you will lose your award. A new application must be filled out and approved by the DGS to attend the new conference.
  • Travel grants will not be reimbursed to adviser's research or discretionary accounts.
  • Tiffany will email you once your application is approved.


Reimbursement details and directions for CEGE Travel Grant:

  • As soon as you have paid up to $500 worth of expenses for your travel, you can turn in the receipts to Tiffany via email or stopping by her office CivE 143.
  • Tiffany will post the travel award to your student account.
  • Receipts for the travel grant MUST be turned into Tiffany ONLY.
  • Travel grants will not be reimbursed to adviser's research or discretionary accounts.
  • Travel expenses in excess of the travel grant awarded MUST be turned into the accounting office.
  • Do not put both reimbursements on the same reimbursement sheet.

Travel Expenses in Excess of the Travel Grant

Do this if your advisor is using any of his research or discretionary accounts to help pay for your conference.
This is in excess of your travel grant.

  • Fill out the Employee Reimbursement form found on the CEGE intranet.
  • Be sure to include the following:
    • EFS string to be charged (if using more than the travel grant)
    • Original Receipts
    • Justification: write "CEGE travel grant winner"
    • Signatures (including your adviser's signature)
    • Do NOT include the CEGE Travel Grant award on the Employee reimbursement form.
  • Return the completed reimbursement form and receipts to Tiffany Ralston in CE 143 or within 30 days of the trip return date.

Application and Review Process

To complete the application process you must do the following:

  • Fill out the Travel Grant Application
  • Supporting documentation includes a copy of the acceptance to present your work (the GSC committee needs to see the full original confirmation. Do NOT cut and paste.)
  • Fill out the Employee Reimbursement Form (download)

All applications must be complete to be reviewed. Email the application and supporting documentation in one pdf document to or bring to Tiffany Ralston in CE 143.

The DGS will review the application and make a decision to accept or deny your application.

Tiffany Ralston will email you once the decision is made with further instructions.


  • Deadlines are a rolling deadline September through May.
  • Travel Grants will be awarded every Fall and Spring.
  • If you are going to attend a conference in the Summer, turn in your application before the Spring semester ends.
  • Applications will not be accepted during the Summer.