CEGE Safety Training

New CEGE Employees

All new employees in the Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering Department are required to take online Safety Training provided by The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) and in-person laboratory specific training conducted by their PI or a lab representative.

1. Online Training Modules

Visit DEHS Training  and complete the following three training modules. 

If the lab is purely computational then the first training (Introduction to Research Safety) is sufficient.

If the lab contains any risk of exposure to radiation, lasers, blood, and/or heavy machinery, additional trainings must be completed. Consult your PI or advisor for their help with determining additional training you may be required to complete.

Bloodborne Pathogens specifically must be renewed ANNUALLY. Anyone working with or having access to "potentially infectious material" must take the Bloodborne Pathogens Introduction course annually to maintain access. Ask your PI if this training is applicable to you.

2. In-Person Lab Specific Training

All training must be documented and a copy of completed training should be placed in a lab safety binder. Each lab should have a safety binder available and in an obvious location.

Visit the University's Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS) site for laboratory specific training and resources by area. Be sure to complete your Training Record.

The annual lab-specific training is also mandatory. It is conducted by the lab PI and tracked internally. The annual, lab-specific training does not replace the required online training through DEHS listed above.

Lab Specific Training must be renewed ANNUALLY.

Lab specific training resource:

3. Verify Training

You can verify completed training in one of two ways:


TA exxplaining lab protocols