Water Resources Emphasis

Graduate study in water resources engineering emphasizes research in environmental fluid dynamics, geophysical processes, hydromechanics, and computational fluid dynamics. Nearly every aspect of fluid mechanics, water resources, hydrology, water quality management, and geomorphology is studied.

The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory is a research unit of the College of Science and Engineering that serves as a research and teaching facility for students from the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering, among others. As a leading research facility, the laboratory leads the expansion into new research areas, including environmental fluid dynamics, geophysical processes, land-atmosphere exchanges, and water quality management.

Water Resources Faculty

1 See also Environmental Engineering
2 See also Geomechanics


Water Resource Engineering Courses

If you do not have a undergraduate degree in engineering, you will need to take these additional courses: (These courses will not count towards your degree)


  • CEGE 4501 Hydrologic Design
  • CEGE 4522 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
  • MATH 2243 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Undergraduate Courses: (Will not count towards graduate degree)

  • CEGE 3502 Fluid Mechanics
  • CEGE 4501 Hydrologic Design


Advanced Undergraduate Courses/Graduate Courses:

  • CEGE 4511 Hydraulic Structures
  • CEGE 4512 Open Channel Hydraulics
  • CEGE 4563 Pollutant Fate and Transport: Processes and Modeling
  • CEGE 5180 Science and Engineering of Streams
  • CEGE 5511 Urban Hydrology and Water Quality
  • CEGE 5512 Stochastic Ecohydrology
  • CEGE 5513 Energy Conversion from Wind, Hydro, and Solar Resources
  • CEGE 5514 Granular Physics with Environmental and Engineering Applications
  • CEGE 5515 Remote Sensing of Environment and Water Resources
  • CEGE 5543 Introductory Environmental Fluid Mechanics


Advanced Graduate Courses:

  • CEGE 8022 Numerical Methods for free and Moving Boundary Problems
  • CEGE 8490 Control Volume Finite Element Models of Environmental Transport Processes
  • CEGE 8501 Environmental Fluid Mechanics I
  • CEGE 8502 Environmental Fluid Mechanics II
  • CEGE 8503 Environmental Mass Transport
  • CEGE 8506 Stochastic Hydrology
  • CEGE 8507 Advanced Methods in Hydrology
  • CEGE 8508 Ecological Fluid Mechanics
  • CEGE 8511 Mechanics of Sediment Transport
  • CEGE 8521 The Atmospheric Boundary Layer
  • CEGE 8561 Analysis and Modeling of Aquatic Environments I
  • CEGE 8562 Analysis and Modeling of Aquatic Environments II
  • CEGE 8571 Hydraulic Measurements
  • CEGE 8572 Computational Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • CEGE 8601 Introduction to Stream Restoration
  • CEGE 8602 Stream Restoration Practice


Graduate Courses in Related Fields:

  • BBE 8513 Hydrologic Modeling of Small Watersheds
  • CEGE 5542 Experimental Methods in Environmental Engineering
  • EEB 5601 Limnology
  • ESCI 4702 General Hydrogeology
  • ESPM 5061 Water Quality and Natural Resources
  • FNRM 5114 Hydrology and Watershed Management
  • FNRM 5153 Forest and Wetland Hydrology
  • WRS 5101 Water Policy



*Recommended courses are in bold*