Roger E.A. Arndt

Roger E.A. Arndt

Roger E.A. Arndt

Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering


Civil Engineering Building
Room 153
500 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


  • B.C.E., 1960, Civil Engineering, City College of New York
  • S.M., 1962, Civil Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., 1967, Civil Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Background

  • Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University, 1967-77
  • Mechanical Engineer, Littleton Research and Engineering Corp., 1965
  • Senior Research Engineer, Lockheed Company, CA., 1963-64
  • Research Engineer, Allegheny Ballistics Lab., MD., 1962-63

Consulting Activities

3M  Company; AI Signal Research (NASA-Huntsville); Army Air Mobility Research Laboratory, Ames  Directorate; Atomix; Australian Maritime Engineering CRC Ltd; Babcock and Wilcox  Company; Bell  Aerospace  Company; Boeing Corp.; Bolt, Beranek  and Newman, Inc.; CH2M-Hill (Office of Naval Research); Dorsey and Whitney LLP; Graco, Henkel  Corporation;  Honeywell Corporation; Indeco, Inc.; Illinois  Institute  of  Technology Research  Institute; Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Korea, Medtronics Inc.; Metals Selling Corporation; Netherlands  Ship  Model  Basin; Northrup-Grumman, Office of Naval Research-London; Richards of Rockford; SciMed, Inc.; St. Jude Corp.; Thermal  Systems, Inc.; United  Nations;  US Bureau of Reclamation; Warzyn  Engineering; Wylie Laboratories; White & Williams LLP; Yarway Corporation

Topics include:  Cavitation in Fluid Machinery, High Performance Marine Vehicles, and Hydraulic Structures, Diffusion Processes in an Artificial Lung, Coating Processes, Viscoelastic  Flow Phenomena in  the  Manufacture of  Woven  Products, Performance Improvement of  a Wide  Range  of Hydraulic Machinery  in the Pollution  Control, Paper  Making and  Hydropower Fields as well as in Rocket  Engines, Hydroacoustic and  Aeroacoustics Problems, Medical devices and Forensic Analysis

Research Interests

Dr. Arndt is a Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota. His major research interests are in the area of fluid mechanics with emphasis on turbulent shear flows and vortex flows; cavitation; aeroacoustics including jet noise and turbomachinery noise; alternate energy with an emphasis on hydropower and wind turbine technology; and aeration technology with a view towards developing cost effective environmental remediation techniques. His research experience includes cavitation in pumps, turbines and marine propellers; supercavitation, investigation of noise radiation mechanisms in turbulent shear flows, bubbly flows and helicopter and jet noise. The principles of bubble formation in turbulent shear flows are being applied to the design of more efficient aeration equipment and ventilation of supercavitating vehicles. His experience in the design of research facilities for cavitation and hydroacoustics has lead to the design responsibility for three major hydroacoustic research facilities in the US, Germany and Korea, one of which is the World’s largest water tunnel. His industrial experience includes underwater rocket propulsion, high-speed marine vehicles and waterjet propulsion. He served as Director of the St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory for 16 years and as program Manager of the Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Program at the National Science Foundation for 3 years. Dr. Arndt continues his research at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory of the University of Minnesota where he is working on wind turbine aerodynamics and supercavitation. He is a Life Fellow of ASME, Fellow of the American Physical Society, and Associate Fellow of AIAA.

Honors and Awards

Charles W. Britzius Distinguished Engineer (2002)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (2001)
ASME Fluids Engineering Award  (1993)
Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (1989, 1994)
Lorenz G. Straub Award  (1968)
George Taylor Teaching Award  (1978)
AIAA Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award (4 awards 1971-1974) 
First Theodor Ranov Distinguished Lecturer  (1978)
Fellow, American Physical Society
Life Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Selected Publications

Kawakami, E and Arndt, REA., Investigation of the Behavior of Ventilated Supercavities, J. Fluids Engineering, Volume 133,  Issue 9, September 2011

Mokhtarzadeh, H, Balas, G and Arndt, REA, "Effect of Cavitator on Supercavitating
Vehicle Dynamics" Accepted for publication in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Sept. 2011

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