Dual Master’s Degree in Engineering and Planning

Students interested in urban planning and civil engineering can combine their studies in a dual master’s degree program sponsored by the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The program allows students to complete a master's degree in civil engineering (MSCE) and a master of urban and regional planning (MURP) in three years.

The combined program gives planners a stronger technical background and engineers a broader understanding of the social and economic issues behind transportation and environmental policy. The dual master's degree prepares students for jobs at consulting firms and public agencies. Because of their broader skill set, graduates will be able to assume higher level jobs in the field than graduates with a single master's degree.

New students must apply separately to both programs, but may begin in one program and apply to the other at a later date. Each program maintains its own admissions criteria and students must meet the requirements of each to qualify for the dual degree program. Students who are currently enrolled in the M.S. in civil engineering program or the MURP program are also eligible for the dual-degree program. Current students will need to submit a change-of-status form to the Graduate School to be considered for admission to the other program.

Students must fulfill all the program requirements for each degree. However, students can apply up to eighteen credits in common to both degrees, thereby reducing the total number of credits needed than if they were completed separately. Faculty and staff in both programs advise students on course selection so they can graduate in approximately three years rather than four.

Total Credits: 

  • 48 credits - MURP (at least 36 credits from MURP curriculum) 
  • 30 credits - MSCE (at least 24 credits from the MSCE curriculum) 
  • 18 credits in common are allowed 
    • up to 6 credits of MURP coursework can be counted toward MSCE degree
    • up to 12 credits of MSCE coursework can be counted toward MURP degree


MURP/MSCE Dual Degree Grid