CEGE Department Scholarships

The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering is among the College of Science and Engineering’s top awarders of undergraduate scholarships each year.

While most scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, a few are based on under-representation, participation in extra-curricular activities, or being a first-generation college student. Upper-division students in any of our majors and lower-division students who have a demonstrated interest in civil engineering, environmental engineering, or geoengineering are encouraged to apply.

CEGE Department Scholarships Application 2021-2022



Scholarships were awarded to CEGE students in 2020-21

External Scholarships

Several external organizations offer scholarships for students in the fields of civil engineering, environmental engineering, or geoengineering. Expand the list to see some of the available scholarships.

Scholarships through the University of Minnesota

In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, the University offers a number of academic scholarships for incoming freshmen entering the University fall semester. These highly competitive awards range from $1,000 for one year to $48,000 over four years. 

University of Minnesota Scholarships