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Corelyzer is a free, open source application for core image and data visualization. It is available for macOS and Windows. Corelyzer also runs on Linux, but no pre-built binary is provided - it must be built from source code.

Corelyzer, sometimes called "CoreWall", enables fast and reliable inspection of core lithologies and associated data at any location and scale, minimizing the need for repeated core handling, while improving and facilitating interpretation. Corelyzer handles thousands of full-resolution core images efficiently, and runs on nearly any Mac or Windows laptop or desktop.

Corelyzer was originally developed by E. Ito, S. Higgins, C. Jenkins, J. Leigh, and A. Johnson. CSD Facility-supported developments have yielded major improvements to Corelyzer in recent years through continual feedback from facility visitors and the community. These efforts have enabled full use of the software for every project team that visits the facility and by an increasing range of institutions around the globe.

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