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Sep 29 Thu 4:00pm

Department Seminar Series

Virtual via Zoom.

September 29
ESCI StaffDepartment of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota
Introducing the ESCI staff: Roles, Responsibilities, and Q&A


Recent News

Sally at pillsbury

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt Retires

September 12, 2022
Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, Professor of History of Science and Technology, retired in May 2022 after 33 years of teaching, research, and service at the University of Minnesota.
Meraxes Dinosaur reconstruction

A new giant dinosaur gives insight into why many prehistoric meat-eaters had such tiny arms

July 7, 2022
Discovery provides insight about the evolution and anatomy of big, carnivorous dinosaurs
Dino Team Missouri

The Chronister Dinosaur: Parrosaurus missouriensis

March 22, 2022
Missouri’s only dinosaur locality, located in the southeastern part of the state in Bollinger County, was discovered by chance in 1940 on the property of the Chronister family
Lexi Thompson

Introducing Lexi Thompson, External Relations

March 21, 2022
Lexi will lead the development effort for Earth & Environmental Sciences by raising private support and will be working closely with the department head and faculty members.
Numerical Modeling Results

Geodynamics Research Lab: Modeling Subduction

March 21, 2022
Plate subduction is a key mechanism of plate tectonics and is a critical component of Earth’s evolution. Our models help to deepen our understanding of subduction and Earth’s evolution.
Kang Group

Predicting fluid flow and transport processes in fractured geologic media

March 17, 2022
Peter Kang's research group combines various cutting-edge research tools to advance our fundamental understanding of transport processes in porous and fractured media.

Celebrating 150 years of Geosciences

150 years of Geosciences logo

2022 is a special year! It marks 150 years since the first geoscience course was taught at the University of Minnesota! In 1872, professor Edward H. Twining M.A. taught the first courses in geology and mineralogy. 1872 also marks the establishment of the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey by the Minnesota State Government. We are celebrating 150 years of Geosciences with our colleagues at the Bell Museum and the Minnesota Geological Survey who are also decedents of the first Geoscientists of the University of Minnesota.

See how we're celebrating 150 years of Geosciences