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Events and Seminars

Apr 15 Mon 12:10pm

SRL/JEDI Seminars

April 15
David Kim, postdoc, ESCI
New Insights into Calcite Dissolution Mechanisms under water, proton, or Carbonic acid-dominated conditions

Hybrid: 401-20 & Zoom


Apr 17 Wed 12:10pm

HRL/JEDI Seminars

April 17
Rebeca Oliveira, Grad Student, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota

401-20 & Virtual via zoom


Apr 18 Thu 4:00pm

Department Seminar Series

Tate Hall B20, or Virtual via Zoom.

April 18
Dr. Crystal Ng, Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota
Determining the  eco-hydrobiogeochemical response of tropical glacierized watersheds under a changing climate

Abstract below

Apr 25 Thu 4:00pm

2024 A.O.C. Nier Lecture

Origin of the Moon

Tate Hall B50 & Virtual Via Zoom

Recent News

Seyfried with graduate students Nick Pester (Ph.D., 2012, left), Dionysis Foustoukos (Ph.D., 2005, right) and Research Associate Dr. Kang Ding (far right) at sea in advance of DSRV Alvin dives to seafloor hydrothermal vents at EPR 9°N.

Geochemistry in Hot Water: Hydrothermal Research in ESCI

The aqueous geochemistry research group studies the deep sea vents that exist in volcanically active regions of the seafloor.
Students doing outreach on campus

Staying engaged through outreach

The ESCI outreach committee has been hard at work connecting with the community.
McDaris Portrait

Grad Student Receives Mistletoe Fellowship

Grad Student, John McDaris was awarded the Mistletoe Research Fellowship in 2023
Robopteryx dino robot

Beware the Robo Dino!

Grad Student, Minyoung Son, teamed up with scientists to create a grasshopper hunting robotic dinosaur.


Read about our experience at AGU this past December!
Bezada Laar Map

What's Shaking at the Seismology Lab?

From continental-scale studies to experiments on a single stream, researchers at the seismology lab are finding more ways to learn about Earth processes from the analysis of seismic data.

Celebrating 150 years of Geosciences

150 years of Geosciences logo

2022 is a special year! It marks 150 years since the first geoscience course was taught at the University of Minnesota! In 1872, professor Edward H. Twining M.A. taught the first courses in geology and mineralogy. 1872 also marks the establishment of the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey by the Minnesota State Government. We are celebrating 150 years of Geosciences with our colleagues at the Bell Museum and the Minnesota Geological Survey who are also decedents of the first Geoscientists of the University of Minnesota.

See how we're celebrating 150 years of Geosciences