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Events and Seminars

Nov 28 Mon 12:10pm

SRL/JEDI Seminars

November 28
Woonghee Lee
, PhD Student, Kang Group, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota
Three-dimensional Flow and Inertia Effects on Pore-Scale Mineral Dissolution

Hybrid: 401-20 & virtual via zoom


Nov 30 Wed 12:10pm

HRL/JEDI Seminars

November 30
Rebeca Oliveira
, Grad Student, Seismology, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
The Yellowstone Paradox - Decoupled Seismic Velocity and Attenuation in the Upper Mantle

Hybrid: 401-20 & Virtual via zoom


Dec 1 Thu 4:00pm

Department Seminar Series

Virtual via Zoom.

December 1
Dr. Stephanie Olson, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University
Signatures of Photosynthetic Life Beyond the Solar System


Dec 5 Mon 12:20pm

Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Zhao Zhu

Hybrid - 401-20 & Virtual via Zoom

Recent News


Attenuated evolution of mammals through the Cenozoic

November 18, 2022
Earth & Environmental Sciences Professor and Bell Museum Associate, David Fox, has co-authored a piece in Science on the evolution and diversification of mammals over prehistoric time.
PGC high resolution map

High-res maps of entire polar regions provide new clues for climate researchers

October 26, 2022
With four more years of satellite imagery data, researchers in the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota and their partners have now released the most detailed polar region terrain
Santelli Model

Get to Know: The Santelli Environmental and Applied Biogeochemistry Lab

October 13, 2022
Research in Associate Professor Cara Santelli’s lab uses laboratory and observational field-based approaches to shed light on coupled microbial and abiotic processes.
Plinio Thesis

IRM Postdoc Receives Honors

October 12, 2022
IRM Postdoc, Plinio Jaqueto has received the Brazilian national award for best PhD thesis in Geophysics 2022, and GSA Karst Division's Young Scientist Award!
RAMP group

Get to know: The Rock and Mineral Physics Laboratory

October 12, 2022
The Rock and Mineral Physics Laboratory at the University of Minnesota uses laboratory-based experiments to investigate the physical properties of geological materials.
GSA 2022


October 7, 2022
The Earth & Environmental staff made the journey out to GSA this year in Denver. Read through a journal of our crew's experience at GSA!

Celebrating 150 years of Geosciences

150 years of Geosciences logo

2022 is a special year! It marks 150 years since the first geoscience course was taught at the University of Minnesota! In 1872, professor Edward H. Twining M.A. taught the first courses in geology and mineralogy. 1872 also marks the establishment of the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey by the Minnesota State Government. We are celebrating 150 years of Geosciences with our colleagues at the Bell Museum and the Minnesota Geological Survey who are also decedents of the first Geoscientists of the University of Minnesota.

See how we're celebrating 150 years of Geosciences