Minor in Geology

The Department of Earth Sciences offers two minors

Students interested in declaring a minor should contact the ESCI Director of Undergraduate Studies, to set up an appointment to submit the online declaration form.


Students studying replica fossils

Course requirements for the Minor in Geology (18 credits)

Student must take AT LEAST ONE of the following courses with a lab:

  • ESci 1001 - Earth and Its Environments
  • ESci 1011 - Volcanoes of the Earth
  • ESci 1005 - Geology and Cinema
  • ESci 1006 - Oceanography
  • ESci 1007 - From Microbes to Mammoths: History of Life on Earth

REQUIRED COURSES (for a total of 14 credits)
These courses are determined when the student meets with the Director of Undergraduate Studies


  • A minor in Geology shall consist of at least 14 credits of 2xxx and higher level courses.
  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies must approve the particular combination of courses.
  • Not more than 4 total credits in the minor program may consist of Directed Study, Directed Instruction, or Independent Study credits.
  • Not more than 4 credits in the minor program may be taken on a S/N basis.
  • Because of pre-requisites, students will almost certainly have to take Chem 1051.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lars Hansen, Director of Undergraduate Studies.