Earth System
School/Dept News

Just approved! Updated ESCI courses on Earth System Science

Posted December 16, 2021

ESCI 2001 Earth System Science (lecture with lab, 4 credits) and ESCI 2101 Earth System Science (lecture only, 3 credits) now also satisfy Liberal Education Requirements for graduation!

Student News

ESCI Students present at Fall Virtual Undergraduate Student Research Symposium

Posted December 10, 2021

Four ESCI students have submitted virtual presentations as part of this semester's Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Justin Revenaugh receiving award

Justin Revenaugh receives UMN's Morse-Alumni award for excellence in undergraduate education

Posted November 19, 2021

Professor Justin Revenaugh was a 2020 recipient of UMN's Morse-Alumni award for excellence in undergraduate education. The pandemic-delayed award ceremony was finally held this week!

The preferred Markov Chain Monte-Carlo inversion result ensemble
Student News

Evidence for Stress Localization Caused by Lithospheric Heterogeneity From Seismic Attenuation

Posted November 16, 2021

Earth & Environmental Sciences' Zhao Zhu, and Dr. Max Bezada, along with additional co-authors Joseph S. Byrnes, and Heather A. Ford publish a paper in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

The features of a subduction zone

How the Earth Recycles

Posted November 1, 2021

STAMP publishes an article on the chemistry of lawsonite in Frontiers for Young Minds

Glacial Lakes State Park, Starbuck, MN
Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Commitments To Indigenous Peoples And Their Lands

Posted October 26, 2021

On behalf of the department, Crystal Ng and Gabriela Ines Diaz have released a statement articulating the department's Commitments To Indigenous Peoples And Their Lands, as part of the process towards drafting a departmental water and land acknowledgement

J Jones teaching Geomorphology in the field
Student News

More than fun in the sun

Posted October 7, 2021

PhD Candidate, Jabari Jones publishes article in the Journal of Geoscience Education highlighting the value of field trips as a pedagogical tool.

Picture of Jabari Jones doing Field work
Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

JEDI Conversations

Posted October 1, 2021

PhD Candidate, Jabari Jones, publishes editorial in journal AGU Advances

Photo of Wendell Seal
Researcher & Staff News

Researchers and citizen scientists complete first-ever Weddell seal count

Posted September 24, 2021

CSE News: A research team led by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has completed a first-ever global population estimate of Weddell seals in Antarctica.

Dundee Glacier superimposed over modern Dundee
Student News

Dundee under ice: a view of Tayside during the ice age

Posted September 13, 2021

PhD candidate works with animators in Scotland to produce a short film about Dundee's glacial past.