Advisory Board

The department's Advisory Board is composed of geoscience professionals in the private sector, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The Board provides critical input to help the department provide and anticipate the skills that undergraduate and graduate students need to optimize their opportunities for a wide range of non-academic careers. 
Board member terms are three years (renewable). Current members are located in the upper Midwest and most are in the Twin Cities metro area. If you are a geoscience professional in the region -- or outside the region but willing to volunteer time and travel -- the department welcomes expressions of interest. Please contact the department head (via if you are potentially interested in joining the Advisory Board.
Current Advisory Board Members are

Sandeep Burman, PhD

Minnesota Department of Health

Term: 2020-2022

Jon Carlson, PhD

Braun Intertec

Term: 2020-2022

Tim Cowdery- Advisory Board Member

Tim Cowdery, MS

U.S. Geological Survey

Term: 2020-2022

Jennifer Engstrom- Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Engstrom, MS

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Term: 2018-2021

Carrie Jennings- Advisory Board Member

Carrie Jennings, PhD

Freshwater Society and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota

Term: 2020-2022

Denise Levitan- Advisory Board Member

Denise Levitan, PhD

Barr Engineering

Term: 2020-2022

Chuck Mosher- Advisory Board Member

Chuck Mosher, PhD


Term: 2020-2022

Keith Rapp- Advisory Board Member

Keith Rapp, BS

Pinnacle Engineering

Term: 2018-2021

Shanna Schmitt- Advisory Board Member

Shanna Schmitt, PG, CPG

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Term: 2020-2022

Cathy Stott- Advisory Board Member

Cathy Stott, PG, PE

Burns & McDonnell

Term: 2020-2022

Jon Tortomasi, Advisory Board Member

Jon Tortomasi, BS


Term: 2018-2021