SAFETY is of the utmost importance - in the lab, in the field, in an office/classroom, in a vehicle, or you own personal safety.

Please visit our SAFETY Google Site for detailed information on safety trainings, lab protocols, reporting incidents, forms, etc.

School/Department Contacts:

Department of Environmental Health and Safety for trainings, lab safety plans, inspections, emergencies, etc.

Emergency Contacts:

Call 911 for all emergencies (police, fire, ambulance). Any time 911 is called, please notify any of the personnel list above after the 911 call.

Emergency Numbers
  • Fire Department 911
  • Police Department 911
  • Ambulance 911
  • Chemical spills 911
  • Department of Environmental Health & Safety: Consult with DEHS staff on call (612) 626-6002
  • Facilities Management (612) 624-2900 - building or grounds issues
  • Poison Treatment 1-800-222-1222
  • Sexual Violence Program (Aurora Center crisis line) (612) 626-9111
  • Suicide Prevention (612) 347-2222