Undergraduate Student Financial Aid

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences is fortunate enough to have generous alumni who initiate and contribute funds for the purpose of helping our students with some of the costs associated with their undergraduate education.

These Departmental Undergraduate Scholarships are available to all majors in our Earth Sciences and Environmental Geosciences programs.

Timing, application, nominations

  • call for applications comes out late-February or early-March.
  • application information includes a narrative on career goals, academic interests, relevant outside interests, financial impact in receiving an award, and copy of a current transcript. Many applications also require a letter of support/recommendation by an advisor. Details and links are laid out in the call for applications.
  • student must be a declared major in Earth Sciences or Environmental Geosciences and must be registered full-time during the academic year (awards are split between the two semesters). Summer field course scholarship are awarded only if the student is registered for the appropriate course.
  • announcement of awards is presented at the annual Spring Awards Potluck, typically held in late April. Most awards are for the next academic year.
  • scholarships are applied to the student account.  Academic year awards are split between the two semesters; summer awards are awarded during the summer.

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Application Fee Waiver

Application fee waiver may be available  - questions within the application will determine if you are eligible.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek other funding opportunities, listed below are a few examples and is not an exhaustive list: