The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences includes:


Mission Statement: The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences addresses vital societal problems from global to regional levels and conducts curiosity-driven research that forms the foundation of 21st century discoveries and innovation in the Earth Sciences. Our research focus is integrated with our teaching and service activities, creating strengths in all core missions. Our department strives to enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity through our teaching, research and service activities.

Commitment to Accessibility, Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences is a community of people from many cultures and social backgrounds. We collaborate to create an inclusive environment in which all feel welcome and supported.


We are committed – as individuals and as a School – to respect and foster diversity, which is a powerful force for positive change in our community and beyond. We have important work to do together as Earth and environmental scientists.   Please read more about the School's DEI Initiatives and visit the DEI Committee page for more details and resources.


Statement Against Racism: The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities stands firmly against the systemic racism that has long afflicted our society and still causes immeasurable daily harm to Black People, Indigenous Peoples, and People of Color. In this time of sorrow and anger at the events in Minneapolis and in so many other places, please read our collaboratively-written document that expresses the values of our community of Earth & environmental scientists: UMN ESCI Statement Against Racism.

Commitments To Indigenous Peoples And Their Lands: The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus occupies stolen Dakota lands that were acquired through legalized land theft and the government-mandated dispossession and exile of the Dakota people from the state of Minnesota. We will be developing a departmental Land and Water Acknowledgement, but we are first ensuring that this is preceded and substantiated by tangible commitments towards conducting work and research that is accountable to the Indigenous peoples of the lands where our activities take place. Please read our Interim Departmental Statement of Intent


Teaching & Learning occur within and beyond the classroom. 


  • Our undergraduate programs in Earth Sciences and Environmental Geosciences provide breadth of knowledge and experiences. 
  • Our graduate programs include both MS and Ph.D. degrees; including an option for a professional (coursework-only) MS.


Scientific Research in our department covers a wide range of topics related to the chemistry, physics, and/or biology of the Earth, from the core to the surface of the planet. Please visit our Research Page to learn more.


Service and Outreach include a wide array of activities within and beyond the university. We are committed to communicating and enhancing knowledge about the Earth and environmental sciences in the state of Minnesota and beyond; for example, through involvement in K-12 schools and local organizations.