DateNameSession typeStart timeSession #
Presentation Title
12/11Zixuan ChenPoster session8:30 AMB11K
Reactive transport modeling of Fe-S-C cycling: investigating the impacts of dynamic hydrologic conditions at a riparian wetland
12/11Rebeca OliveiraPoster session8:30 AMT11DTeleseisic p-wave tomography of the U.S. Upper Midwest
12/11Charlie SouceyPoster session2:10 PMH13L
Elucidating the Effects of Fluid Flow and Fracture Geometry on Fluid-Rock Interactions Using Etched Rock Cores
12/11Adaire NehringTalk9:21 AMMR11A
Investigating the brittle-ductile transition zone of Earth’s mantle using the deformation-DIA apparatus 
12/11JingxuanTalk11:05 AMH12D
anomalous transport through dissolving fracture networks
12/11Shanti PenpraseTalk2:45 PMEP13B
Axe vs Ice Age: Contextualizing Euro-American agriculturally-driven erosion rates in the context of deglacial climate change in the upper Midwest, USA
12/11Anders NorenTalk7:00 PMICDP-CSD Facility Town Hall on Scientific Drilling (InterContinental San Francisco, Ballroom C) 
Community and Facility Updates
12/12Declan RamirezPoster session8:30 AMGP21A
Creating an Archaeomagnetic Dating Curve for Minnesota: Assessing the Potential of Minnesota Ceramic Sherds to Accurately Record Field Intensity
12/12Caroline SeylerPoster session2:10 PMMR23B
Constraining the strength of subduction zones with experimentally deformed blueschist
12/12Caroline SeylerTalk9:10T21A
Frictional healing of clay-bearing fault gouges and its influences on fault slip style
12/12Weiming DingTalk5:00 PMV24A
Development of high-precision stable Ce isotope and radiogenic Nd isotope analysis by Sapphire MC-ICP-MS 
12/13John McDarisPoster sessionAMNS31A
Monitoring chloride concentrations from road salt with continuous specific conductance measurements in the context of a multi-aquifer, urban groundwater system
12/13Alejandro FernandezPoster session2:10 PMA33O
Internal Climate Variability in the Last Millennium: Case Study of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation in Model Simulations and Paleoclimate Proxy Records 
12/13Zhengyang ZhouTalk2:10 PMS33C
Seismic attenuation beneath British Isles and its connection to seismicity
12/13Donna WhitneyTalk2:42 PMT33A-04
The Formation and Evolution of the Anatolian Tectonic Escape System, Past and Future
12/14Rashida DoctorPoster session8:30 AMGP41B
The importance of clays on speleothem remanent magnetic intensity
12/14Dylan ParmenterPoster session8:30 AMGC41I
A Multi-Proxy Speleothem Approach to Understanding the South American Monsoon System During the Last Glacial Cycle
12/14Viven SharmaPoster session8:30 AMT41D
Effect of a cold mantle wedge corner on the state of stress in the forearc
12/14Ikuko WadaPoster session8:30 AMT41D
Deepening of Slab-Mantle Decoupling upon Subduction Initiation
12/14Soisiri CharinPoster session2:10 PMV43C
Quantification of potassium (K) isotope fractionation during phase separation using hydrothermal experiments
12/14Plinio Francisco JaquetoPoster session2:10 PMGP43B
Speleothem magnetism in small amounts: Using previously collected speleothem powders for magnetic measurements
12/14Weipeng YangTalk9:30 AMH51G
Inertia effects on mixing-induced mineral precipitation at fracture intersections
12/14Lindsey KenyonTalk11:20 AMDI42A
Evolution of Crystal Preferred Orientation in the Mantle Wedge Corner and Shear Wave Splitting
12/14Peter ChutcharavanTalk12:42 PMPP41A
Refining the magnitude and timing of MWP-1a at Tahiti through U-series dating of a shallow-water fringing reef facies
12/15Hongfan CaoPoster session8:30 AMH51V-1409
Emergence of persistent vortex-induced trapping zones in fracture networks caused by variable-density fluids: 3D Pore-scale simulations and laboratory experiments
12/15Gigi VossPoster session8:30 AMH51K
Historical Snow-Drought-Streamflow Relationships in a Sensitive Aquatic Ecosystem: Understanding the Implications of Snowmelt Timing and Magnitude for Wild Rice Abundance 
12/15Hima Hassenruck-GudipatiPoster session10:30 AMEP51C-1633
Changes in lacustrine sedimentation and composition in Manoomin/Psiη (Wild Rice) ecosystems
12/15Jeremiah McElweeTalk10:53 AMT52B
Serpentinization in the Forearc Mantle Wedge: Effects of Tectonic and Reaction-Induced Stresses on Fracture Propagation and Fluid Flow
12/15Michael ChenTalk3:10 PMH53F
Effects of inertia and density-driven flows on pore-scale dissolution patterns and rates
12/15Sang LeeTalk5:19 PMH54D-08
role of branching fungi in oil removal and mineral precipitation in fractured porous media
12/15Maddy NybladeTalk7:16 PMEP13BLand-use Change, Climate Change, and the Decline of Wild Rice in Watersheds of the Upper Great Lakes Region