Publications and Citation

Publication from Facility Holdings

Hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles have been published from projects receiving CSD Facility support, plus many more abstracts, theses, and dissertations. Experts@Minnesota is the research information management tool for the University of Minnesota where you can find these publications.

Acknowledgement of the CSD Facility

By accepting academic user rates you agree to our policy on acknowledgement in, and notification of, publications related to work conducted here.

All lab users should acknowledge the facility in their publications and presentations. Including the facility in your acknowledgements helps to spread the word about our services, and is crucial to the continued funding of the program.

When the results of a CSD Facility-assisted project are published in journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, or theses/dissertations, we request an acknowledgement similar to the following:

[ Support ] provided by the Continental Scientific Drilling Facility, University of Minnesota.

In addition, when a project is complete, we request that all users provide us with a copy of any resulting manuscripts, theses, or dissertations. 

Users are also asked to consider including extensive assistance provided by facility staff in their acknowledgements.

CSD Facility Image Files for Print and Web Use