Sample Distribution Policies

Requesting Samples from the Repository

To request samples from cores archived in our repository, the Sample Request Form must be filled out and the corresponding Sample Request Spreadsheet (XLS, 16KB) must be emailed to

Core material is a finite resource that must be carefully apportioned for use in scientifically sound studies. Sample requests may originate from any scientist, curator, or educator with adequate resources to complete a scientific investigation, or to prepare materials for curatorial or educational purposes. Requests for samples from archive-phase cores are evaluated carefully and, if approved, the requestor assumes several distinct responsibilities. In particular, the following specific rules govern sample requests:

  • Requests for samples from archive-phase repository material are evaluated by the Curator, in consultation with Facility governance committees if needed.
  • Requestors must provide complete information about the intended use of the samples by filling out all parts of the Sample Request Form. The information required is consistent with policies of other core repositories.
  • The requestor must demonstrate sufficient resources to achieve the stated goals.
  • In the case of a new or unproven technique, a small batch of samples should be analyzed and results demonstrated before the full suite of samples is disbursed.
  • Requests for particularly large sample volumes for destructive analyses will be carefully considered.
  • The Curator must first be consulted if the requestor desires to perform analyses on the samples beyond the scope identified in the sample request.
  • Unused sample (residuals) must be returned to the repository, to be re-disbursed whenever possible.
  • Resulting publications and data from CSD Facility samples must be sent to the Curator. These materials must be filed within five years, and before any future sample requests by the same investigator.
  • Requestors are required to acknowledge the CSD Facility in all presentations and publications resulting from analyses of samples obtained from the Repository collection.
  • Requestors must use the CSD Facility sample identification system in published reports, or provide a clear correspondence between the CSD Facility system and another system.