Data Distribution

Data generated at the CSD Facility and sample metadata are permanently archived and available for distribution following NSF data access policies.

Data include:

  • Core and subsample metadata
  • Core images and image-derived color data
  • Lithologic descriptions
  • Smear slide descriptions
  • Multisensor core logger data
    • Magnetic susceptibility (loop and point sensors)
    • Gamma density
    • p-Wave velocity and amplitude
    • Electrical resistivity
    • Natural gamma radiation
    • Color reflectance spectrophotometry
  • XRF core scanner elemental data
  • X-radiographic core images
  • X-radiographic computed tomography (CT) slices and 3D reconstructions
  • Subsample analytical data: grain size, loss on ignition, TIC/TOC/TC, biogenic silica, water content, etc. 

Core metadata only:

Data on our core collection is currently available in multiple formats:

  1. CSV Spreadsheet (CSV, 998KB)
    This comma-separated value spreadsheet offers the most complete information (i.e., sample type, date, ID, etc.). This format is most useful for searching and sorting.
  2. Google Earth (KML, 3.3MB)
    This Google Earth file maps the location of all cores currently in the collection.

Additional data access: