Project Planning

The project planning process begins with a conversation.

This process can be rapid or involved, depending on the complexity of the project. Topics include:

  • Scientific objectives
  • Borehole, Cuttings, or Core
  • Depths
  • Locations, access, prep
  • Vertical or angled boreholes
  • Cuttings disposal
  • Downhole logging
  • Analyses to be performed; protocol requirements; drilling fluids; tracers
  • Expected lithologies—site survey information, existing well logs, outcrops
  • Local resources: transportation, fuel, water, food, lodging, heavy equipment, contractors, personnel
  • Personnel travel, visas
  • Permitting
  • Season/weather
  • Site-specific safety
  • Risk management
  • Cultural issues
  • Outreach activities
  • Bureaucratic/political issues
  • Bidding
  • Budget + contingency
  • Proposals
  • Contracting

For deep drilling projects, detailed planning documents have been generated by the former DOSECC consortium and by ICDP.

Contact the CSD Facility staff to begin the process.