Explore our collections and collaborations using the projects dashboard below

Map View

A navigation bar appears in the upper left corner of the dashboard when you hover over the map. Select one of the locations on the map to highlight a project in the data table below. Click again to deselect that location. Additional selection tools can be found by selecting the arrow at the bottom of the map navigation bar. You can search the map by geographic location by selecting the magnifying lens icon at the top of the map navigation bar. You will also find a tool tip with information about each project when holding your mouse over a marked location.

Table View

The data table below the map is interactive. Selecting any row on the table will highlight that location on the map. You can deselect that point by clicking a second time on the the same field in the data table. The data can also be sorted by selecting the header of the column you wish to sort. 

Data Filters

The right hand column of the dashboard contains data filters. Use the Project Start Date slider to examine data through time. You can check out projects from the 60s or filter your results to see what we've been working on recently. Drop down menus and radio buttons allow you to explore our projects based on sample collection technique, scientific discipline, projects status, and the lab or repository where the samples are analyzed and stored. Typing in the investigators field allows you to search by individual researchers.

Downloading the Data

Data displayed in this dashboard are available for download by clicking the download button on the bottom right corner of the dashboard. The data are available in the following file formats:

  • Image
  • Data
  • Crosstab
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Tableau Workbook

Download Map Data as a Google Earth File

If you would like to explore our data using Google Earth you can download our kml file. You can Download Google Earth Pro for Desktop to open and explore the file or use Google Earth online.