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Feldman is a simple application for generating splices/composite profiles from multiple cores collected at a site.

Feldman offers the most important compositing and splicing functions of Correlator, with identical outputs — but with a workflow that leverages core lithologic variability, especially common in continental drill cores, and the high accuracy of visual correlation approaches in this context. Feldman allows a user to define tie points using any core information: numerical data, core photographs, or even the cores themselves. 

Alignments and tie points are defined in the same way as describing any other feature in a core: by specifying section IDs and section depths (depth below the top of the section). From this sparse information, and core metadata, Feldman generates full IODP-format splice and affine tables, which are the metadata that define the correlations and splice, in the well-vetted community standard format, and consumable by data management systems. After generating the splice and affine tables, Feldman can splice any associated datasets, regardless of heterogeneity or complexity.

The Feldman approach has several advantages:

  • Vastly improved alignment with workflows
  • Increased stratigraphic resolution and accuracy
  • Increased speed of splice definition, modification, and splicing datasets (estimated 80-90% time savings)
  • Simple, rapid changes to alignments and tie points 
  • Core gaps can be defined and extracted
  • Multiple ties in/out of a core or section (invalidates Affine table)
  • Complex datasets can be spliced. Examples: XRF datasets with 40 columns; non-numerical datasets such as lithologic descriptions
  • Flexible and stable with respect to data formats and values
  • Python codebase for speed and compatibility
  • Simple setup and operation on local machines 

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