Our Team

CSD Facility Personnel

Portrait of Anders Noren
Anders Noren
Director CSD Facility
Portrait of Emi Ito
Emi Ito
Co-Director CSD Facility
Portrait of Kristina Brady Shannon
Kristina Brady Shannon
Portrait of Jess Heck
Jess Heck
Lab Manager
Portrait of Ryan O'Grady
Ryan O'Grady
Operations Manager
Portrait of Alex Stone with Goldy
Alex Stone
Data Manager
Portrait of Mark Shapley
Mark Shapley
Research Associate
Portrait of Brian Grivna with Goldy
Brian Grivna
Applications Developer
Portrait of Doug Schnurrenberger
Doug Schnurrenberger
Drilling Supervisor
Portrait of Kat Cantner
Kat Cantner
Science and Outreach Coordinator
Jane Franklin Monogram
Jane Franklin
Financial Administrator
Portrait of Erik Brown
Erik Brown
Director XRF Lab
Portrait of Robert Brown
Robert Brown
XRF Lab Manager
Portrait of Sarah Horns
Sarah Horns
Portrait of Maya Grantier
Maya Grantier
Mack Pangerl Monogram
Mack Pangerl

Affiliated Researchers

Portrait of Paul Glaser
Paul Glaser
Research Professor, Limnological Research Center
Portrait of Randy Calcote
Randy Calcote
Research Associate, Limnological Research Center
Portrait of Ivanka (Vania) Stefanova
Ivanka (Vania) Stefanova
Researcher and Curator for Paleoecology, Limnological Research Center