Robert O. Pepin Fellowship

Pepin looking at a crystal

This fellowship honors the teaching and research career of Robert O. Pepin, a long time faculty member of the School of Physics and Astronomy and a member of the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics.

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2023 Pepin Fellowship Recipient

Alexander Criswell and Yang Yang, Pepin Fellowship recipients

Alexander Criswell
Alexander is from Mahtomedi, Minnesota. "My area of research is gravitational-wave and multimessenger astronomy. I focus on two areas within that field: 1) using gravitational waves from binary neutron star post-merger remnants to understand neutron star composition, and 2) developing data analysis infrastructure for the future space-borne gravitational-wave detector LISA with a specific interest in characterizing "choirs" of combined, individually-faint gravitational-wave signals to study the Milky Way and the early Universe."

Yang Yang
Yang is from Chongqing, China. "My research interest is in condensed matter theory, particularly in frustrated magnetism originated from strongly correlated systems. I study both purely theoretical models and real materials synthesized in the laboratory."


2022 Pepin Fellowship Recipient

Robert O Pepin Fellowship: Jacob Ritz and Foster Thompson
Jacob Ritz
Jacob is from Bethesda, Maryland. "I plan to use the money to support my summer research into the photo-physics of certain dyes and the development of a new super resolution microscopy technique. My research focuses on developing techniques to visualize and study molecular interactions in live cells."
Foster Thompson
Foster is from Louis, MO. He did my undergrad at Case Western in Cleveland OH. "The fellowship allows me to focus on research full-time during the summer as opposed to having to worry about some form of TA work on top of research.  Like all grad students, what the school provides is my only source of income, so I have nothing special planned beyond continuing to afford to live. My current research is on non-equilibrium quantum mechanics/QFT."

2021 Pepin Fellowship Recipient

2021 Pepin Recipients
Hsiu-Chung Yeh
Hsiu-Chung is from Taiwan. He plans to use the money to support his current research on quantum computation. His research focuses on integrable systems and large deviation statistics. Recently, he started to work on quantum computation.
Qianyi Sheng
Qianyi is from China. The fellowship will be used to support his summer research in prebiotic evolution study. He is working on the study of non-linear dynamics of complex chemical reaction networks, specifically, models of prebiotic evolution.

2020 Pepin Fellowship Recipient

2020 Pepin Fellowship Recipient
Santosh Adhikari

Santosh is from Kathmandu, Nepal. He plans to use the award to fund summer research to investigate how cells regulate the use of internally stored fat based on metabolic needs using super-resolution microscopy. He is focused on developing and applying single molecule imaging techniques to study biophysical processes.

2019 Pepin Fellowship Recipient

Chris Nolting

Chris' research is in computational astrophysics, specifically modeling the interactions of AGN jets with the intracluster medium as a diagnostic measure to probe the dynamics of the ICM.