Cheryl Miller

Contact Information

Phone: 612-301-3188
SAFL Office: 208


Cheryl Miller is the Facilities Operations Manager at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. She manages a small operations team that provides  support to SAFL’s AR&E team as well as all affiliated faculty and their research groups. Her operations team helps maintain SAFL’s shared resources including: the Main Channel, Supply Channel, flumes and experimental basins, wind tunnel, CloudIA, water tunnel, field facilities, eco-flume, and lab equipment. 

Cheryl spent her early career working in a Biophysics lab at the University of Minnesota, then moved into the field of Youth Development. In 2012, she transitioned back to the University with Academic Health Center Facilities Management which then transferred to Facilities Management. During her time in Facilities Management, Cheryl managed the installation of new research equipment, upgrades and installation of new security systems, as well as the rollout of a new research equipment alarm system across the Twin Cities campus.

During her time away from SAFL, Cheryl camps or hikes with her family, plays with her two cats, and brews beer, cider, and mead.