Chris Feist

Contact Information

SAFL Office: 226


Chris Feist has been a core member of the Applied Research and Engineering team at SAFL since 2015. His engineering work and expertise spans hydro-kinetic energy, wind energy, hydraulic engineering, and acoustics. His broad research interests are motivated by passion for efficiency and for reducing the environmental impacts of renewable energy systems. 

Chris has lead projects including a multi-year, interdisciplinary research project on wind turbine noise and the human response funded by Xcel Energy Renewable Development Fund (RDF); structural health monitoring system development for wind turbine foundations funded by Xcel Energy RDF; a US Department of Energy project aiming to quantify golden and bald eagle hearing thresholds and a pilot study on the behavioral response to acoustic stimuli, and a US DOE project aimed at developing a sediment bypass system for low-head hydropower dams.

Chris co-manages the Eolos Wind Research Field Station located at UMore Park Rosemount, MN. In addition to turbine related research, Chris helps to maintain the Eolos wind turbine, develops custom sensor systems, and provides technical education and resources for researchers utilizing the turbine.