Water Resources Management

Photo collage of water management/water quality projects

Human modification of our natural environment necessitates the need for research that can mitigate our impacts on the environment and manage our resources more sustainably for future generations. SAFL conducts numerous projects looking to quantify the impacts of human actions on water quality and quantity as well as aquatic ecosystems. We work in both urban and rural landscapes to build more resilient responses to the growing impacts of climate change, including but not limited to implementing and improving stormwater practices, working to identify better ways to mitigate flooding in rural areas, providing better guidance for culvert design that takes aquatic organism passage into account, working to minimize the spread of invasive flora and fauna, and minimizing the extent of harmful algal blooms in lakes. We use field campaigns, laboratory experiments, and computational tools to approach complex environmental concerns and issues from multiple directions, culminating in robust research outcomes that advances basic knowledge in a field while also having the potential to influence and guide real-time applications. 

SAFL Faculty
Jacques Finlay
John Gulliver
Kimberly Hill
Omid Mohseni
Crystal Ng
Heinz Stefan

SAFL Researchers
Andy Erickson
William Herb
Matt Hernick
Ben Janke
Jess Kozarek
Jeff Marr
Poornima Natarajan

Interested in stormwater specifically?  Visit the SAFL Stormwater Research website. 

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