Staff Directory

The committed staff at the Technological Leadership Institute consists of experienced professionals dedicated to student success. Our staff can answer questions regarding the admissions process, graduate degree programs, financial aid and more.

For a list of our academic leadership, visit our Endowed Chairs page. Looking for our faculty? Find them in the TLI Faculty Directory.


BIll Aerts
Senior Fellow, Managing Director of the Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity
Allison Hubel, Director of the Technological Leadership Institute
TLI Director
Travis Thul TLI
Senior Fellow, Director of Operations

Student Services

Damian Damiani, associate to the director of graduate studies for the M.S. in Management of Technology
Damian Damiani
Associate to the Director of Graduate Studies (MOT)
Kari Mallerup, associate to the directors of graduate studies for the MDI and MSST programs
Kari Mallerup
Associate to the Director of Graduate Studies (MDI, MSST, all graduate minors)
Nick Spase, educational services and alumni relations manager
Nick Spase
Educational Services and Alumni Relations Manager


Andy Le, admissions associate for the M.S. in Management of Technology program
Andy Le
Admissions Associate

Marketing and Communications

Michelle Knoll, director of marketing and communications
Michelle Knoll
Director of Marketing, Communications and Admissions
Kathryn Richner cropped photo
Kathryn Richner
Communications Specialist


Stephen Fiksdal, executive accounts specialist
Stephen Fiksdal
Executive Accounts Specialist