New Faculty: Ardeshir Ebtehaj

Ardeshir Ebtehaj joined the CEGE faculty fallof 2016. Actually Ebtehaj is returning to UMN where he completed both an MS in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2013). He had completed a BS and an MS (in Civil Engineering) at the Iran University of Science and Technology before coming to graduate school in the United States.

As a student, Ebtehaj received the 2011 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship between the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering and the Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics. He also served as a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow. After graduating, Ebtehaj worked two years as a postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, and in 2015 he joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University as an assistant professor.

His research experience includes hydrologic remote sensing and inverse problems in hydro-meteorological systems, physical hydrology and land-atmosphere interactions, stochastic hydro-meteorology, and environmental risk and extreme value analysis. The overarching goal of his research is to increase our understanding of the global water-energy cycle and of land-atmosphere interactions for improving water, food, and energy security.

“I am very excited to join such a fantastic community of scholars and students at UMN—the place where I grew up scientifically and the place that has shaped my research character. The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering and, in particular, the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory are among a few leading institutions in the world that are advancing the cutting edge of knowledge in water science and engineering. The accomplished faculty—senior members and new hires—are going to launch a new era in knowledge production and educational training in the areas of water, environment, and earth system sciences. I am humbled and honored to become a part of such an extraordinary team and to build on that tradition of great educational leadership.”