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*Please note that in the months of January and February, CEMS hosts faculty candidates. To protect the confidentiality of the faculty search, those departmental seminars are not publicized on the CEMS website and are only shared with internal CEMS audiences.

Tuesday, Jan. 16 (first day of classes): No seminar

Thursday, Jan. 18: Dr. Darrell Schlom, Cornell University, 10th annual Amundson Lecture

Thursday, Jan. 25: Dr. Hal Alper, University of Texas at Austin

Tuesday, Feb. 20: Dr. Paul Voyles, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Tuesday, March 5: No seminar, UMN Spring Break and APS meeting occurring in Minneapolis

Tuesday, March 12: TBD, possible seminar to be scheduled 

Tuesday, March 19: No seminar, ACS meeting

Tuesday, March 26: Dr. Gabriela Romero Uribe, University of Texas at San Antonio, PPG Lecture


Tuesday, April 2: Dr. John Lockmeyer, Shell

Tuesday, April 9: No seminar, MRSEC site visit

Tuesday, April 16: Dr. Allison Beese, Pennsylvania State University

Thursday, April 18: TBD, possible seminar to be scheduled

Tuesday, April 23: Dr. Kristi Anseth, University of Colorado Boulder, Fredrickson Lecture




CEMS students, postdoc win Crucible Prize awards


Jan 18 2023 - Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Annual Crucible Prize sponsored by Navjot Singh (PhD ChE ’94) and Nithya Iyer Singh (MS Pharmaceutics ’94). The Crucible Prize competition invited participants to present a 10 minute pitch presentation followed by five minutes of Q&A to a panel of two commercialization experts.


Dipanjan Ghosh wins an outstanding poster award at the Aspen Center for Physics conference


Jan 10 2023 - Dipanjan Ghosh, a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Cheng group, was awarded an outstanding poster award at the Active Matter in Complex Environments conference at the Aspen Center for Physics in Colorado. This conference brought together a diverse group of researchers working in active matter, a rapidly developing field that strives to understand the complex behavior of living systems.

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Chemical researchers discover catalyst to make renewable paints, coatings, and diapers


Jan 9 2022 - A team led by University of Minnesota Twin Cities researchers has invented a groundbreaking new catalyst technology that converts renewable materials like trees and corn to the key chemicals, acrylic acid, and acrylates used in paints, coatings, and superabsorbent polymers.


Collaborative research featuring University of Minnesota MRSEC theorists sheds new light on superconductivity in two-dimensional materials


Jan 6 2022 - New work appearing in Nature has uncovered unusual and appealing superconducting properties realized in bilayer MoTe2. This two-dimensional semimetal is formed by stacking two atomically thin layers of MoTe2 in a specific non-centrosymmetric configuration that allows for a phenomenon called ferroelectricity to emerge.


Researchers discover new process to create freestanding membranes of 'smart' materials


Jan 4 2022 - A University of Minnesota Twin Cities-led team of scientists and engineers has developed a new method for making thin films of perovskite oxide semiconductors, a class of “smart” materials with unique properties that can change in response to stimuli like light, magnetic fields, or electric fields.


Leighton, Mkhoyan, and Birol Groups Achieve New Room-Temperature Functionality in Perovskite Oxides


Dec 20 2022 - Recent collaborative work from the Leighton, Mkhoyan, and Birol groups, just published in the journal Nature Communications, has achieved the first room-temperature valence transition in a perovskite oxide.


CEMS students discuss their individual paths that led them to STEM


Dec 20 2022 - CEMS graduate students represent a wide range of demographic identities and a commensurately diverse set of paths to STEM. To showcase these paths and give high school students a broader perspective on their potential in STEM, selected CEMS students were interviewed in a series of story videos.


Julie Prince among nominees for CSE Outstanding Service Award


Dec 13 2022 - Julie Prince, Program Associate for Graduate Studies, was among 16 nominees for the inaugural College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Outstanding Service Awards. The awards seek to recognize and reward exceptional performance and contributions by staff and student employees.

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CEMS launches a new Data Science for Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Master’s degree


July 20 2022 -CEMS is launching a unique interdisciplinary M.S. degree program which aims to bridge disciplinary expertise in chemical engineering and materials science with data and computational science.


Paulina Eberts takes home First Place and the People's Choice Awards in the 7th Annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition


Nov 17 2022 - Paulina Eberts, a doctoral student in the College of Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering program took home the First Place and People's Choice Awards at the event on Friday, November 11.