Tyler Barna

Tyler Barna

Tyler Barna

PhD student, Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics


John T. Tate Hall
Room 201-06
116 Church Street Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Undergraduate at Rutgers University (2017-2021)
Undergraduate Research Assistant at Princeton (2018-2020)
PhD Student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2021-Present)

Research Interests

I am working with Assistant Professor Michael Coughlin to automate follow-up observations of potential gravitational wave sources in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Selected Publications

  • An online framework for fitting fast transient light curves Barna, T.; Reed, B.; Coughlin, M.W., in preparation (expected 2022)
  • NMMA: A nuclear-physics and multi-messenger astrophysics framework to analyze binary neutron star mergers Pang, P.T.H.; Dietrich, T.; Coughlin, M.W.; ... Barna, T.; et al. 2022, arXiv preprint. (arXiv:2205.08513)
  • SALT3-NIR: Taking the Open-Source Type Ia Supernova Model to Longer Wavelengths for Next-Generation Cosmological Measurements Pierel, J.D.R.; Jones, D.O.; Kenworthy, W.D.; ... Barna, T.; et al. 2022, arXiv eprint. (arXiv:2209.05594)
  • SN 2021csp -- the explosion of a stripped envelope star within a H and He-poor circumstellar medium Fraser, M.; Stritzinger, M.D.; Brennan, S.J.; ... Barna, T.; et al. 2021, arXiv eprint. (arXiv:2108.07278)
  • A Catalog of Periodic Variables in Open Clusters M35 and NGC 2158 Soares-Furtado, M.; Hartman, J.D.; Bhatti, W.; Bouma, L.G.; Barna, T.; Bakos, G.A. 2020, ApJS, Volume 246, Issue 1. (arXiv:1911.00832)