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Michael Coughlin and Alexander Criswell

Coughlin and Criswell part of comprehensive UV light survey

Assistant Professor Michael Coughlin and graduate student Alexander Criswell of the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics are part of a new NASA mission that has just been selected to conduct a
Anderson and Puschell, MIFA Alunni

Two astrophysics Alumni elected to National Academy of Engineering

Two astrophysics Alumni Martha C. Anderson (Ph.D., Astrophysics ‘93), Kei May Lau (B.A.,’76, M.S. ‘77), and Jeffrey Puschell (Ph.D., Astrophysics ‘79), have been elected to the National Academy of
Image of the galaxy Haro 11. The stars in the galaxy, shown in white, is surrounded by a halo of ionized gas in red. The newly imaged neutral Hydrogen gas, shown in blue, has been displaced during an interaction between two galaxies that resulted in the creation of Haro 11.

Observations of Dramatic Galactic Collision Unlock Clues to the Reionization of the Universe

An international team, led by Dr. Alexandra Le Reste from Stockholm University and the Oskar Klein Centre, used the MeerKAT radio telescope to investigate processes at the origin of the Epoch of


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Photo credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Leroy, K.S. Long