Carly Donahue

Trainee, 2020-2022
Cardiovascular engineering program

Adviser: Victor Barocas

Carly Donahue is a 2020 graduate of the University of Iowa where she received her B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in biomechanics and a mathematics minor. Recently, Carly has been using finite element analysis to model and predict the potentially adverse effects of stenting the right ventricular outflow tract. As a graduate student, Carly is interested in applying mechanics to predict behavior, growth, and failure within the cardiovascular system.

Carly worked as a design engineering intern for Civco Medical Solutions as a member of their ultrasound devices team from May 2019 to January 2020. Previously, she worked in the Iowa Institute for Vision Research where she constructed a database and website to report, alert, and track the patterns of the errors that occurred during gene sequencing. At Iowa, Carly was also a member of BMES and a hurdler for the University of Iowa Women’s Track and Field Team.

In her free time, she enjoys rollerblading, yoga, running, and spending time with friends and family.