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intranasal vaccine that can bypass multiple barriers in the nasal cavity

Prof. Hartwell wins award for biomedical research image

Posted May 23, 2022

The image showcases Hartwell’s work on developing an intranasal vaccine that can bypass multiple barriers in the nasal cavity to activate a “frontline” defense of immune cells and antibodies in the mucosa that protect against mucosally-transmitted pathogens. 

Meghan Griffin

BME PhD student awarded a Tau Beta Pi fellowship

Posted May 23, 2022

The engineering honor society selected 31 engineering students — including only 7 biomedical engineering students — from 278 applicants.

Amputee wearing robotic arm and Zhi Yang

BME technology allows amputees to control a robotic arm with their mind

Posted May 17, 2022

Prof. Zhi Yang and team have developed a more accurate, less invasive technology that allows amputees to move a robotic arm using their brain signals instead of their muscles. 

Efrain and Parker working in a computer lab

BME PhD students awarded NSF commercialization grant

Posted May 16, 2022

The NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program has awarded $50,000 to two Biomedical Engineering PhD students and collaborators so they can commercialize an MRI innovation.

David Wood

Feature tracking microfluidic analysis reveals differential roles of viscosity and friction in sickle cell blood

Posted April 29, 2022

Associate Professor Dave Wood and team developed a new method for analyzing patient-specific blood properties that can be applied to a wide range of hematological and vascular disorders.

Tiny droplets encapsulated with pancreatic islet cells

New method of pancreatic islet cryopreservation is major breakthrough for diabetes cure

Posted April 29, 2022

BME Prof. John Bischof and team have developed a new method of islet cryopreservation that solves current storage challenges by enabling quality-controlled, long-term preservation of the islet cells that can be pooled and used for transplant.

Anna Karos

Undergrad student Anna Karos receives President’s Student Leadership and Service Award

Posted April 28, 2022

The award recognizes student leaders at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who exhibit exceptional leadership and service to the University of Minnesota and the surrounding community.

Lizzy Crist, Sophie Givens, Ayako Ohoka, Elizabeth Shih

Four PhD students win Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Posted April 25, 2022

The award gives the University's most accomplished PhD candidates an opportunity to devote full-time effort to an outstanding research project by providing time to finalize and write a dissertation.

BME DEI Alliance

BME releases strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Posted April 11, 2022

The plan features five main pillars: Recruitment, retention, advancement, health equity, and community engagement.

Benjamin Alva

BME senior takes on climate change and, eventually, bioproducts in space

Posted April 11, 2022

Benjamin Alva started a student group — and, later, a start-up — to develop a bioreactor that could help save coral reefs. After getting a PhD in chemical and biological engineering, he plans to engineer bioproducts that will help humans further explore space.