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Efraín Torres and Parker Jenkins

BME PhD students’ start-up receives highly competitive NSF award


“We're one step closer to disrupting the industry and bringing about affordable and clinically valuable MRI technology,” says Torres, ​​who is the grant’s PI and was recently named Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Meagan Hagerty

Meagan Hagerty joins BME as Undergraduate Program Advisor


Hagerty brings 16 years of experience working with college students, including 5 years as an Academic Advisor with the U of M College of Science & Engineering.

Taner Akkin and labmates using advanced imaging technology in the lab

BME co-leads $16M grant to uncover the “wiring diagram” of the brain


To reveal the connectivity of the brain, the research team will use a serial optical coherence scanner developed by Taner Akkin, a Professor with the UMN Department of Biomedical Engineering and a PI of the grant.

alexander opitz

Alexander Opitz receives Boston Scientific Faculty Impact Fellowship


As the Boston Scientific fellow, the three-year appointment will provide Opitz with additional resources for his lab, allow him to hire students, and seed fund projects that help advance his research on the diseases that impact the human brain.

Students at a poster session

BME recognized by Insight into Diversity magazine for second year in a row


Our high school internship program has received the "Inspiring Programs in STEM" award from Insight into Diversity magazine for the second year in a row.

researcher in a lab

Researchers perform first successful transplant of functional cryopreserved rat kidney


In a groundbreaking new study, a research team that includes Prof. John Bischof has proven the life-saving potential of long-term organ preservation at ultra-low temperatures by successfully transplanting a rewarmed kidney in a rat and restoring full kidney function. 

Kara Peak presenting at a conference

BME students and postdoc receive high honors at 2023 SB3C


Department of Biomedical Engineering community members received multiple honors – including a first place, two second place, and three finalist positions – in the student paper competition during the 2023 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference (SB3C).

Hubert Lim

Hubert Lim honored with Award for Excellence in Academic Unit Service


A letter nominating Prof. Lim praised his strong work ethic, positive attitude, advocacy for junior faculty, and willingness to take on and succeed in team science.

Patient lifting their leg

Giving patients with paralysis a way to move again


20 out of 20 patients saw significant effects after receiving a spinal cord implant — one woman even began moving her legs again after 23 years. Results are from a clinical trial that includes BME Prof. Tay Netoff.

David Odde

Study shows metformin lowers the risk of getting long COVID


A simulator developed by Prof. David Odde and his team was used in a large, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.