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José M. Valdez

PhD student José Valdez successfully defends dissertation

Posted January 22, 2021

José M. Valdez has successfully defended his dissertation, "Impact of Blood Rheology on Chronic and Systemic Effects in Sickle Cell Disease".

Ghaidan Shamsan

PhD student Ghaidan Shamsan successfully defends dissertation

Posted January 22, 2021

Ghaidan Shamsan has successfully defended his dissertation, "Mechanical Regulation of Glioma Cell Migration".

UMN BME-Industry Grand Rounds

New seminar series features local biomedical engineering experts

Posted January 21, 2021

On February 8, the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) kicks off a new monthly seminar series: UMN BME-Industry Grand Rounds.

3D rendering of a printed heart pump

Cardiac bioprinting study receives Best Manuscript Award

Posted January 19, 2021

BME faculty and students were recognized with a Best Manuscript Award from Circulation Research, a publication of the American Heart Association.

Biomedical Engineering t-shirt design

BME t-shirt design winners announced

Posted November 25, 2020

A Department of Biomedical Engineering t-shirt designed by graduate students is now available for purchase.

Jake Stieger

PhD student James Stieger successfully defends dissertation

Posted November 25, 2020

His thesis is called, "How to use brains and computers to enhance brain computer interfacing."

Sina Shirinpour

PhD student Sina Shirinpour successfully defends dissertation

Posted October 27, 2020

His thesis is called, "Tools for Improving and Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation."

woman using tinnitus treatment device

New research could help millions who suffer from tinnitus

Posted October 15, 2020

In the largest clinical trial of its kind, Professor Lim and team showed combining sound and electrical stimulation of the tongue can significantly reduce tinnitus. They also found that therapeutic effects can be sustained for up to 12 months post-treatment.

BlueCube Bio mCube product in a box

Biopreservation company with BME ties wins high-profile startup competition

Posted October 9, 2020

The all-female founding team created the first-ever safe, non-toxic means for preserving therapeutic cells by mimicking the way trees survive Minnesota winters.

Hubert Lim

Faculty spotlight: Associate Professor Hubert Lim

Posted September 22, 2020

Associate Professor Hubert Lim’s lab develops better devices to treat health disorders ranging from deafness to arthritis. For example, a recent clinical trial is using noninvasive ultrasound stimulation to treat rheumatoid arthritis and, more recently, severe symptoms of COVID-19 associated with the “cytokine storm.”