Past dissertations


Ed Bello

"Characterization of the Cortical Electrophysiological Effects of Motor Thalamic DBS"
Advisor: Matt Johnson

Sam Hanson

"Biointerfacing Polymers to Overcome Challenges in Vaccine Delivery, Gene Therapy, and Cancer Therapy"
Advisor: Chun Wang

Julian Preciado

"Development of Silica-based Physical Confinement Models to Isolate and Study Dormancy-prone Cancer Cells"
Advisor: Al Aksan

Ghaidan Shamsan

"Mechanical Regulation of Glioma Cell Migration"
Advisor: Dave Odde

Nader Tavaf

"Improving Signal to Noise Ratio in Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging"
Advisor: Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, MD, PhD

José Valdez

"Impact of Blood Rheology on Chronic and Systemic Effects in Sickle Cell Disease"
Advisor: Dave Wood

Malaney Young

"Targeting Death Receptor 5 for Therapeutic Discovery"
Advisor: Jonathan Sachs


Jeanette Marie Caronia

"Developing Bioinstructive Materials for Cardiac Repair"
Advisor: Samira Azarin

Logan L Grado

"Machine Learning for Deep Brain Stimulation"
Advisor: Tay Netoff

Geneva Ruth Hargis

"Microfluidic Model Systems to Evaluate Endothelial Cell Phenotype in Disease"
Advisor: David Wood

Tiffany Louisa Held

"Perception and Mechanical Properties of the Pacinian Corpuscle"
Advisor: Victor Barocas

Mikayle Holm

"Novel Educational Tools to Understand the Cardiac Device Delivery Pathways"
Advisor: Paul Iaizzo

Ethan Yize Leng

"Computer-aided Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer with Multiparametric MRI"
Advisor: Greg Metzger

Kenneth Louie

"Using Quantified Motor Behavior Outcomes to Improve Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease"
Advisor: Tay Netoff

Jessica Ann McKay

"High-Resolution Breast Diffusion Weighted Imaging with Improved Nyquist Ghost Correction and Simultaneous Multislice Imaging"
Advisor: Patrick Bolan

Sofie Alice O'Brien

"Genomic Analysis and Engineering of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells for Improved Therapeutic Protein Production"
Advisor: Wei-Shou Hu

Jennifer One

"Characterization of Natural Killer Cell Activation and Functionality for Cell Therapy Applications"
Advisor: Wei-Shou Hu and Samira Azarin

Preethy Parthiban

"Effect of Constant-DI Pacing on Single Cell Cardiac Dynamics"
Advisor: Alena Talkachova

Sina Shirinpour

"Tools for Improving and Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"
Advisor: Alexander Opitz

James Stieger

"How to Use Brains and Computers to Enhance Brain Computer Interfacing"
Advisor: Bin He

Tong Wu

"Representation Learning on Large-Scale Neural and Healthcare Data: A Practitioner's Perspective"
Advisor: Zhi Yang

Jorge Daniel Zhingre Sanchez

"Anatomical, Structural, and Device-Tissue Characterizations of the Atrioventricular Valves, and Associated Structures: Implications for Transcatheter Valve Repairs and/or Replacement Therapies"
Advisor: Paul Iaizzo


Emily Anne Bermel

"Examining the Collagen Fiber Alignment in Cadaveric Lumbar Facet Capsular Ligaments and Their Effect on the Mechanics of the Spine at Multiple Scales"
Advisor: Victor Barocas

Alexandra Leigh Crampton

"An Extracellular Matrix-Based High-Throughput Platform for 3D Cell Culture, Drug Screening, and Biological Discovery"
Advisor: Dave Wood

Hongsun Guo

"Identifying Parameters to Excite or Suppress Peripheral and Central Neurons Using Ultrasound for a New Noninvasive Neuromodulation Approach"
Advisor: Hubert Lim

Christopher E Korenczuk

"Failure Mechanics of Nonlinear, Heterogeneous, Anisotropic Cardiovascular Tissues: Implications for Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms"
Advisor: Victor Barocas

Molly Elizabeth Kupfer

"3D Printing to Recapitulate Cardiac Tissue Development, Structure, and Function"
Advisor: Brenda Ogle

Chih Hung Lo

"Discovery of Small Molecule Modulators of Protein-Protein Interactions by FRET-based High-throughput Screening and Structure-based Drug Design"
Advisors: Jonathan Sachs and David Thomas

Lars M Mattison

"An Examination of the Cardiothoracic Tissue Biophysical Response to Electroporation Therapies"
Advisor: Paul Iaizzo

Julia Slopsema

"Orientation-Selective Programming Strategies for Targeted Deep Brain Stimulation"
Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Supriya V Thathachary

"A Single-Element Fiber Transducer for All-Optical Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Sensing"
Advisor: Shai Ashkenazi

Bin Xu

"Engineering Functional Muscle Tissues and Modeling Muscular Diseases Using Myogenic Cells Differentiated from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells or Human Fibroblasts"
Advisor: Wei Shen and Ronald Siegel