Minor in Biomedical Engineering

We offer minors at the graduate level for both MS and PhD students who are majoring in other fields.

How it works

The minor is declared on the Graduate Degree Plan and must be approved by the Biomedical Engineering (BME) Director of Graduate Studies. All courses for the graduate minor in Biomedical Engineering must be:

  • At the 5000 level or higher.

  • Taken for a letter grade (A-F).

MS minor requirements

The Master’s minor in BME requires a minimum of 6 credits, which must include:

  • One BMEn Core course (either 5000- or 8000-level).

  • One additional BMEn course at the 5000 level or higher.

PhD minor requirements

The PhD minor in BME requires a minimum of 12 credits, which must include:

  • Two courses from the BMEn Core list (can be 5000- or 8000-level).

  • One course with a primarily biological emphasis (see Biology Electives list).

  • One additional course with an engineering emphasis (see Technical Electives list).