Student groups

We value and recognize the importance of uplifting diverse and underrepresented perspectives in the Biomedical Engineering department. Click the links below to learn more about some of the organizations on campus, both within and outside our department, that are active in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Within our Department

BME DEI Alliance

The BME DEI Alliance is a grassroots organization of students, faculty, and staff committed to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the BME department at UMN. We organize events to promote continuous education and growth of department members on topics surrounding diversity, and advocate for departmental policies that support a more equitable and inclusive community.

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Twitter: @UMN_BME_DEI

BME DEI Sharing Circle

The goal of the BME DEI Sharing Circle is to provide a safe space for individuals from all positions within the department to voice concerns they have with regards to diversity, equity and inclusion in the department. We provide a means for community members to voice ideas and have prompted discussion about how we can improve the culture and community in our department.

We have recently started highlighting specific groups of the community (undergraduate students, graduate students, research staff and post-docs, administrative staff and faculty) to have discussions about how the climate within that specific group could potentially be improved. This is a valuable method for gauging where we are at with regards to fostering an inclusive climate as well as brainstorming ideas for next steps that can be taken to improve that climate.

For the next few months, the meeting will happen at a time that was determined to work for a majority of community members in that month's target group. After this rotation is finished we will return to a more regular schedule.

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Graduate Women In Biomedical Engineering (GWBME)

GWBME works to foster relationships between graduate women in our departmental labs, perform outreach in the community, and expose our members to professional opportunities.

Twitter: @umn_gwbme
Instagram: @gwbme
Facebook: GWBME

Creating Inclusive Cohorts (CIC) Fellows

The BME CIC Fellows are a group of graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds who are passionate about leading DEI efforts in the BME department. CIC Fellows are supported with external funding for one year and receive special training and support in DEI initiatives.

Graduate Student Coordinators

The BME Graduate Student Coordinators are a group of BME PhD students who work with the BME department to help advance recruiting, retention, and climate efforts, particularly for our broad coalition of underrepresented students. We approach this by implementing efficient communication strategies amongst the different DEI groups to maintain collaboration and engagement. We also run a monthly BME newsletter where we advertise departmental events and other campus wide events that are relevant to improving DEI education.

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students (BMEGS)

BMEGS is dedicated to enhancing the academic, professional, and personal development of all students in the Biomedical Engineering department. Our mission is to connect students with tools to support their mental health, build a sense of community and camaraderie within the department, and ensure students from all backgrounds find a home within BME.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

BMES serves as a voice for BME students and provides services that will enhance and improve the knowledge of our members. We help our members to build relationships with engineers and industry professionals as well as provide resources to prepare them to successfully enter their field of choice. We promote collaborations and welcome individuals of all backgrounds.

Instagram: @umnbmes


External to our Department

College Of Science And Engineering (CSE) D&I Alliance

The CSE Diversity & Inclusivity Alliance is comprised of students, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, staff, and alumni from throughout the college. The goal of this Alliance is to improve the college’s climate through advancement and practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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Association of Multicultural Scientists (AMS)

The Association of Multicultural Scientists (AMS) is an organization comprised primarily of historically underrepresented students and trainees in applied science programs at the University of Minnesota. Our primary goals are to assist students in the successful completion of their studies by offering activities and support which will meet academic, professional, and social needs in an atmosphere of cultural context and comfort; promote awareness within the university's scientific community of the ever-growing presence of qualified minority postdoctoral trainees and faculty candidates; engage with other minority programs on campus through joint sponsorship of activities and; facilitate community outreach events to assist the democratization of science. We are dedicated to supporting the success of those who have been marginalized, and we welcome anyone who would like to be involved.

Twitter: @GopherAMS
Instagram: @UMN_AMS

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

The SHPE organization focuses on the professional development of the latinx community with an emphasis on students pursuing STEM degrees. Events include networking with local STEM professionals, the SHPE conference, industry tours, academic support/ development, professional development, and social events. 

Instagram: @shpe_umn

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

NSBE's mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. 

Instagram: @nsbe_umntc

Twitter: @nsbeumn

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers at the University of Minnesota supports diversity, equity, and inclusion at the U at all of our events. If you're looking to engage in conversations about supporting diversity in STEM, check out our annual 50K Coalition Dinner, which unites DEI groups across STEM to engage in conversation about ways to support diversity. Additionally, our HeforSWE Discussion invites students and professors alike to join our conversation about supporting women in engineering and learn more about microaggressions and unconscious biases women in STEM face.

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Science For All (SFA)

Science for All is a group of University of Minnesota graduate students helping middle school students cultivate an appreciation for evidence-based science. Every month, SFA volunteers guide local students through custom-designed science experiments ranging from making homemade lava lamps to computer simulations of rocket launches.