Integrated bachelor’s & master’s

Undergraduate students who have been admitted to the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering have the opportunity to apply for the Integrated Degree Program, allowing them to complete the BBmE and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering with just two additional semesters of coursework.

Undergraduate students admitted to this program may register for one or more BMEn 8000-level courses during the senior year, provided those courses will be used to satisfy the M.S. degree requirements. 8000-level courses cannot be used toward any requirement for the B.Bm.E. undergraduate degree.


The program requires:

  • 125 credits to fulfill Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering requirements.
  • 30 graduate credits to fulfill Master of Science requirements.

Students are highly encouraged to find and complete an internship for credit as part of the Master's degree, but it is not required.

Program structure

Typically students enrolled in this program are able to complete the masters degree in 1-2 semesters beyond what is required for the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

  • Students must complete all requirements for the BBmE degree, including College of Science & Engineering requirements and University liberal education requirements as outlined on the Biomedical Engineering Four Year Plan and in the University catalog.
  • After completing the coursework required for admission [BMEn 2101, 2401, 2501 AND at least four of the five 3xxx BMEn lecture courses (3011, 3111, 3211, 3311, 3411) and four of the five BMEn 3xxx lab courses (3015, 3115, 3215, 3315, 3415)] students will apply for the Integrated Degree Program following the process outlined below.
  • During the final year in the BBmE program, students take courses required to complete their undergraduate degree (Senior Design + Engineering & Science Electives) as well as additional courses - on top of the courses being used to complete the BBmE degree - that will fulfill requirements for the M.S. degree.
  • Up to 16 credits completed during the final year in the BBmE program may be transferred into the graduate program. These credits are taken at the undergraduate tuition rate, providing a cost savings to students in the Integrated Degree Program. Students in this program also have access to 8xxx-level courses not typically available to other undergraduate students.
  • Students are encouraged to seek a non-credit internship or other relevant work experience in the summer between completion of their undergraduate degree and enrollment in the graduate degree program. Visit CSE Career Services for internship search strategies, workshops, and other helpful information. Note: Students may NOT take courses to be used towards the master's degree during the summer term.
  • Remaining masters requirements are completed in the fall/spring following completion of the BBmE degree. Students begin paying graduate tuition rates at this time.

Application process