Integrated bachelor’s & master’s

Our integrated BBmE/MS degree allows students to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five total years.
It’s exclusively available to students in the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program at the University of Minnesota.


The program requires completing:

  • 124 credits to fulfill Undergraduate Program requirements.

  • 31 graduate credits (including the Final Project) to fulfill Master’s-Plan B requirements.

Students are highly encouraged to find and complete an internship for credit as part of the MS-Plan B degree, but it’s not required.


  • Having a Master’s degree will make graduates more competitive for higher-paying positions in industrial design.

  • Students can simultaneously work toward their undergraduate and graduate degrees, which means they can finish the Master’s degree and enter the job market a full year earlier than students in conventional two-year Master’s programs.

  • Students save money because they’re able to complete graduate credits at the undergraduate tuition rate during their senior year.

Program structure

Below is the basic structure of the five-year program, with the general requirements to be completed during the given year(s).

Years 1-3 (freshman-junior)

Regular BBmE undergraduate curriculum:

  • BMEn 1xxx-, 2xxx-, and 3xxx-level coursework.

  • College of Science and Engineering requirements.

  • Liberal Education requirements.

Summer after Year 3

Application to Integrated BBmE/MS Program:

Year 4 (senior)

Complete the BBmE curriculum (approximately 15 credits per semester):

  • Senior Design (BMEn 4001W/4002W).

  • Engineering and Science Electives.

Additional graduate coursework (3-4 credits per semester; still paying undergraduate tuition rates):

  • 8xxx-level internship and/or other course(s) required for the MS-Plan B.

  • This coursework will transfer to the Master's degree. It cannot under any circumstances be counted toward undergraduate requirements.

Graduation (BBmE degree).

Summer after Year 4

Although not required, students in the integrated program are highly encouraged to complete a non-credit internship or gain other relevant work experience between Years 4 and 5.

Visit the Career Center for Science and Engineering for internship search strategies, workshops, and other helpful information.

Note: The department does not place students in internships. It’s up to each individual student to find and secure a position.

Year 5 (Master's)

Complete remaining Master's-Plan B requirements (and begin paying graduate tuition rates):

  • BMEn Core courses and seminars.

  • Statistics.

  • Biology, Technical, and Free Electives.

  • Plan B project.

  • Final oral examination (project defense).

Graduation (Master’s degree in BME).

Sample plans

Here are examples of years 4 and 5 of the integrated BBmE/MS degree program, both with and without the optional internship:

  • Sample plan with internship: Student completes a year-long internship for credit (BMEn 8720), which satisfies the Free Elective requirements for the Master’s degree.

  • Sample plan without internship: Student doesn’t complete an internship for credit as part of the Master’s degree requirements; satisfies Free Electives with coursework.

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