10th annual neuromodulation symposium to be held April 20–21

February 17, 2023 — The University of Minnesota Center for Neuroengineering will be hosting the 10th Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium from April 20–21 as part of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine’s (IEM) Innovation Week.

Department of Biomedical Engineering faculty play a key role in the symposium, which brings together local basic scientists, engineers, clinicians, industrial practitioners, and entrepreneurs. Tay Netoff, PhD, is the conference director and co-director of the Center for Neuroengineering, while Hubert Lim, PhD, co-chairs the symposium planning committee. In addition, John Osborn (Department of Surgery) and Ziad Nahas (Department of Psychiatry) serve as co-chairs.

This year’s event is titled, “Neuromodulation of Homeostatic Mechanisms: Restoring Whole Person Health” and will feature plenary presentations by leaders in academia, industry, and government as well as poster presentations. This year’s themes are: 

  • Vagal nerve neuromodulation  
  • Creating equity in access to neuromodulation therapies
  • Interoception and bidirectional interaction between peripheral and central nervous system  
  • Neuromodulation technologies
  • Neuromodulation targeting of end organ function

The travel grant deadline is February 24, and interested attendees are encouraged to register by April 7 for the early bird discount:


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