Big wins for BME PhD students at SB3C

June 24, 2022 — BME students won two of the six divisions of the PhD student paper competition at the 2022 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference (SB3C).

Congratulations to our winning PhD students:

Sam Boland
1st place, Cardiovascular Mechanics
Adviser: Patrick Alford

Carly Donahue
1st place, Biofluid Mechanics and Cardiovascular Imaging
Adviser: Victor Barocas

Both Sam and Carly are trainees in our cardiovascular engineering training program, which educates and trains University of Minnesota biomedical engineering PhD students to meet the increasing demand for cardiovascular disease solutions.

In addition, an alumna of our undergraduate program who’s currently finishing her PhD at the University of Delaware placed second in her division:

Ellen Bloom
2nd place, Tendon, Ligament, and Joint

There were nearly 200 total entrants to the PhD competition.

Carly Donahue presenting
Carly Donahue presenting at SB3C.

Sam Boland presenting onstage
Sam Boland presenting at SB3C.