Co-op Program

A co-op is a full-time, six-month work assignment in which you also earn academic credit.

As a Co-op student, you will be directly involved in professional engineering activities, you will be challenged, and you will experience the professional environment of your future career. This productive time will help you explore the wide variety of jobs available in civil engineering, environmental engineering, and geoengineering.

Students have completed co-ops in soil and material testing, surveying, construction, municipal work, and consulting.

students visit solar site
Students get real-world experience through Co-ops and through Capstone projects. Here students visit a solar field as part of their Capstone project.

Employers: Looking for Student Workers?

Companies interested in offering student work opportunities can submit requirements via the Employer Information Form.

Students: Looking for a Co-op Opportunity?

Check the list of co-op opportunities submitted for this school year. You must use your UMN credentials to login.

More Info for Students

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Eligibility and Qualifications

The Co-op Program is open to juniors and seniors majoring in civil, environmental, or geo- engineering at the University of Minnesota who

  • have completed at least one semester in the College of Science and Engineering,
  • have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher, and
  • can furnish proof of work authorization to a prospective employer.

Following completion of their co-op assignment, students must return to structured classroom study at the University until their remaining degree requirements have been satisfied. The co-op experience (course # CEGE4190) can satisfy up to 4 technical elective credits. 

Note: A special six-credit version of the course is available for students whose insurance or loan programs require them to take at least six credits to maintain their student status. However, only four credits may be used toward a student’s degree requirements. Students enrolled in the co-op program are not eligible to receive department scholarship awards during their co-op experience because they do not have full-time student status.

Student Responsibilities

Student participants must

  • Notify your academic advisor
  • File a co-op prospectus form
  • Register for the four-credit course 4190
  • Complete the work assignment agreed upon by the employer
  • Submit a formal report on your co-op experience

Students' Formal Report Requirements



  • Specifics about the internship (e.g., employer; start and end dates; position held; how position was obtained)

  • Nature of job and typical duties performed

  • Amount of training and level of supervision provided by employer


  • University course(s) most beneficial to co-op work and why

  • One or two of the most important things learned during co-op assignment

  • How the co-op experience affected plans for remaining study, as well as career plans

  • Technical nature (analysis and design) of the experience, with a specific example

Appendices (optional)

  • A sample of work product (e.g., plans, drawings, reports) prepared substantially by the student


Michelle Anderson
Industry & Pre-Major Coordinator 
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering
500 Pillsbury Drive S.E., Room 147
Minneapolis, MN 55455