About our undergraduate program

The Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (BBmE) is a four-year program within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE).
In our program, students learn to use their skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology to solve health problems.

Program features

  • An introductory seminar led by professors and industry professionals.

  • Core Biomedical Engineering courses designed and taught by our faculty.

  • Specialized tracks, or emphasis areas/sub-plans, that students can tailor to suit their interests and career goals.

  • A senior design course that pairs students with successful practicing engineers.

Industry experience

Qualified students who wish to gain relevant, full-time industrial experience while earning academic credits toward their degree may apply for the Engineering Co-Op Program.

Students are admitted to the Engineering Co-Op Program after their junior year. Then, they work full-time on industrial assignment for two semesters, from the summer between junior and senior year to either fall or spring semester of their senior year, while completing the senior design course concurrently.

Integrated degree program

The department also offers an exclusive integrated degree program that allows our majors to complete both a BBmE and a Master's degree in five total years.