PhD student Tong Wu successfully defends dissertation

September 8, 2020 — University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering PhD student Tong Wu successfully defended his dissertation, "Representation Learning on Large-Scale Neural and Healthcare Data: A Practitioner's Perspective" on August 27. He was advised by Professor Zhi Yang

Following is an abstract of his dissertation:

The rapid growth of data volume has promoted development of advanced computational methods, particularly machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms, to address challenges emerged in various fields. A key step to solve ML/DL tasks is to find a good data representation by mapping input data into a feature space where representations can entangle or disentangle the different explanatory factors of variation behind the data, and predictive modeling can be more accurate and reliable. In this thesis, we focus on the study of representation learning methods in neuroscience and healthcare, and propose algorithms based on recent ML/DL developments to address both critical and practical challenges in neural signal processing and healthcare predictive modeling.