Statement on Sexual Harassment

The UMN Department of Chemistry condemns the kind of behavior described in the March 15, 2021, C&EN article regarding Professor Gianluigi Veglia. Sexual harassment and misconduct are never acceptable and will not be tolerated in our department. Any individual who reports misconduct will be met with support and respect, and retaliation will not be tolerated in any form. Our department prioritizes and will continue to work tirelessly to build and strengthen a climate based on communication and transparency.  We strive to listen to and respect all voices in our community.  We emphasize that ours is a climate in which inappropriate behavior is simply unacceptable. 

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David Blank Professor and Department Head
Christy L. Haynes Associate Department Head
R Lee Penn Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Aaron Massari Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Chuck Tomlinson Director of Operations
Renee Frontiera Professor
Jane E. Wissinger Professor
Erin E. Carlson Professor
Kyle C. Bantz Professor
Theresa M. Reineke Professor
Courtney C. Roberts Assistant Professor
Michael Bowser Professor
Jason Goodpaster Professor
Jessica Lamb Professor
Wayne Gladfelter Professor
Connie Lu Professor
Michelle Driessen Professor
Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran Professor
Tim Lodge Professor
William Pomerantz Professor
Sapna Sarupria Professor
Donald G. Truhlar Professor
Angela Perkins Professor
Valérie C. Pierre Professor
Marc A. Hillmyer Professor
Nicholas Race Professor
Phil Buhlmann Professor
James Johns Professor
Steven Kass Professor
Edgar Arriaga Professor
Jiali Gao Professor
Gwendolyn A. Bailey Professor
Joseph J. Topczewski Professor
Ian Tonks Professor
Anonymous Graduate student
Frank S. Bates Professor
Eleni Spanolios Graduate student
Siu Yi Kwang Graduate student
Nick Livezey Graduate student
Harrison Frisk Staff member
Daniel MacEwan Staff member
David Flannigan Professor
Red Smith-Sweetser Graduate student
Chris Douglas Professor
Polly Lynch Graduate student
Anonymous Postdoc
Jacob Schaffner Graduate student
Hyeokjung Kim Graduate student
Nora Vail Graduate student
Steven Butler Graduate student
Connie Anderson Graduate student
Ryan Anderson Graduate student
John E. Ellis Professor Emeritus
Jennifer A. Grasswick Staff member
Ramya Kumar Postdoctoral associate
Kris Elbein Graduate student
Beza Tuga Graduate student
Zhihao Wu Graduate student
Erik Moran Graduate student
Juekun Wen Graduate student
Yukun Cheng Graduate student
Cole Scholtz Graduate student
Chris Seong Graduate student
Elizabeth A Apiche Graduate student
Xin Dong Graduate student
Caini Zheng Graduate student
Nathan Rackstraw Graduate student
John Beumer Staff member
Lawrence Que Professor
Laura Seifert Staff member
Huda Zahid Graduate student
Christopher LaSalle Graduate student
Jeffrey Paz Buenaflor Postdoctoral Associate
Punarbasu Roy Graduate student
Shelby Auger Graduate student
Randy Wilharm Graduate student
Garrett Schey Graduate student
Tana O'Keefe Graduate student
Connor Reilly Graduate student
Meghan Cahill Undergraduate student
Craig Van Bruggen Graduate student
Emily Pelton Staff member
Murphi Williams Graduate student
Marianne Meyersohn Graduate student
Thomas R. Hoye Professor
Chun-Ju Tsou Graduate student
Ariana Campanaro Graduate student
Hannah Lembke Graduate student
Matt Neurock Professor
Connor Frye Graduate student
Mark Bell Staff member
Joseph J. Dalluge Director, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Adam Baxter Staff member
Emily Prebihalo Graduate student
Tanya L. Becker Staff member
Lisa Jahr Staff member
Chris Ellison Professor
Cecilia Douma Graduate student
Claire Seitzinger Graduate student
Jennifer McCambridge Staff member
Letitia Yao Staff member
Eric Schulz Staff member
Niklas Kraemer Graduate student
Emily Ness Graduate student
Miriam Krause Staff member
Ellen Monzo Graduate student
Hannah Leopold  Staff member
Mahesh K. Mahanthappa Professor
Stephanie Stathopoulos Staff member
Nick Erickson Staff member
Alon McCormick Professor
Serena DiLiberti Graduate student
Deborah Rodriguez Undergraduate student
Jeffy Jeffy  Undergraduate student
anonymous Undergraduate student
Carlton Folster Postdoc
Channing Klein Undergraduate student
Katerina Graf Undergraduate student
Adam Cahn Undergraduate student
Yukino Nakamura Undergraduate student
Ethan Redlin Undergraduate student
Sang Le Undergraduate student
Grace Ha Undergraduate student
Thy Duong Undergraduate student
Vijay Shah Undergraduate student
Maggie Malikowski Undergraduate student
Sydney Wessel Undergraduate student
James Wagner Undergraduate student
Colin Peterson Graduate student
Mollie Dunlap Staff member
Rachel Rapagnani Graduate student
Joseph Shoemaker Undergraduate student
July Pham Graduate student
Natalie Pfann Undergraduate student
Gabriel Bonilla Undergraduate student
Josh Gavin Graduate student
Alex Zhang Undergraduate student
Valerie Schuster Undergraduate student
Shao-Yu Lo Graduate student
Demetrius Stavros Undergraduate student
Anna Himmer Undergraduate student
Lili Wang Undergraduate student
Grace Braegelman Undergraduate student
Gabby Larson Undergraduate student
Maetzin Cruz-Reyes Graduate student
Shelby McGuire Graduate student
Kaitlin Galdonik Undergraduate student
Julie Duffield Undergraduate student
Daniel Harki Professor
Sangyun Kim Graduate student
Christian Grimme Graduate student
Vilma Brandao Graduate student
Dan Garrison Staff member
anonymous Undergraduate student
Payam Mohebbi Undergraduate student
Sanghee Yang Postdoc
Monica Ohnsorg Graduate student

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