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JST Figure 2024

Joint Safety Team featured in ACS Chemical Health & Safety

The Joint Safety Team recently published their successes in the American Chemical Society's Chemical Health and Safety Journal.
Photographs of 2024 DDF Recipients

Seven graduate students honored with Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Congratulations to Kaylee Barr, Brylon Denman, Madeline Honig, Chris Seong, Sneha Venkatachalapathy, Murphi Williams, and Caini Zheng!
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hUMNs of Chemistry #17

Lee Penn, Eric Schulz, and Casey Wouters share their stories.

Department Events

Chemistry Climate, Community & Culture

The Department of Chemistry has unique features that set it apart and help its students, faculty, and staff thrive and succeed. The department fosters a diverse community and works hard to create an environment where involvement, collaboration, caring, and safety are the norm.

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