The sky’s the limit for biomedical engineering Ph.D. student Marcus Flowers

March 22, 2023 — Marcus Flowers often gets asked what his research focuses on. Is it 3D printing? Cancer therapies? Stem cells? Drug delivery? His answer: Yes. All of that, and more. 

The University of Minnesota biomedical engineering PhD student builds and tests materials that can be used to deliver different drugs and treatments into the body. For example, a pill that encases medicine or the liquid solution in which a vaccine is stored. He works in tandem with Biomedical Engineering professors Chun Wang, whose lab develops polymer-based healthcare technologies, and Brenda Ogle, whose team focuses on regenerative stem cell therapies. 

“One of the things that I enjoy the most about my research is the idea of the possibilities,” said Flowers, a recipient of the Boston Scientific Biomedical Engineering Fellowship. “It really feels like the sky is the limit. There’s never a shortage of problems that we’re interested in trying to solve, and that's really what makes the research exciting.”

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