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About Us

CEGE Mission

We learn concepts and methods, discover solutions and processes, and transform the world by addressing critical challenges in designing and protecting our infrastructure, environment, water and earth resources.

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We offer rigorous undergraduate degree programs that prepare students for a professional career or advanced study. Our graduate programs challenge the frontier of knowledge.

  • Engineering principles
  • Creative designs
  • Research experiences
  • Professional practice

Undergraduate Graduate

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We develop and design solutions using analytical, numerical, and physical models. Our original ideas, diverse perspectives, and international collaborations take advantage of the Minneapolis/St. Paul urban laboratory and the Minnesota landscape.

  • Infrastructure and transportation networks
  • Water and the environment
  • Renewable energy and earth resources
  • Innovative materials


collage of civil engineering and science images (power plant, water main, chemistry, water measurements)


We connect with and serve as a resource for the profession, society, and local community. We include, listen to, and support people with different backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Infrastructure design, construction, and operation
  • Environmental restoration
  • Subsurface and groundwater modeling
  • Sensing of built and natural systems